Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Only funny because it wasn't my dog!

Cricket and I were out walking when we caught this guy in action. He was clearly enjoying his electric fenced yard with easy access to full garbage cans. He must have taken 5 things out and careful put them on his lawn before devouring them paper and all.

As for knitting, I put the awful sock yarn aside. When I showed it to my friends Lesley and Karen this is what happened. Karen so gently examined it and tried to fix it where I'd dropped a stitich. I was having a terrible time with a ridges at the needle joins. She gave me a tip to snug up the yarn for a stitch or two after I go to the new needle.

Les on the other hand looked at the yarn on the needles. I had knit to the cuff and was ready to start the heel flap. "WHAT are you knitting with? HAIR?" She was right. The lousy yarn was like knitting a sock with hair. Worse than lace weight.

Enter Plymouth Yarns Sockin'Sox Color 6. It was the brand I fell for when my neighbor came over last weekend. For 12.02 with tax I have a pretty yarn that knits up nicely with a little give to it! Les says it will stripe. I don't think so. No matter, I'm ribbing down to the heel flap anyhow. When I knit straight for the gusset etc, I'll find out if it would have striped.

Two other things I wanted to share. I made my friend Lisa's Beet Salad for Fireman and I last night. It was really good. I had never baked beets and used them in anything. It is a basic salad of spinach, some arugula, goat cheese, candied pecans, beets cubed up, and an oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Very good indeed.

Another new thing I did today: I crawled out on our roof and cleaned the gutter spout. It was so hot out there. Fireman is having back surgery on Monday. It kills him to have me do his usual chores, but I'm happy to help. Okay , I was a little panicky out there, but I did it!
He was injured in February. I don't like to dwell on troubles, on this blog. The great news is that he is finally a few days from the surgery that will get him back on his feet, and on the roof, and on his bike and back to work. If you have a spare prayer, I'd love you for it.

He has been so bored being inactive. My father keeps saying he has some great puzzles for him. Fireman warns me there will be no PUZZLES and no mashed up food for him yet! I have offered to teach him to knit. It just isn't his thing I guess. He has showed absolutely no interest whatsoever......

I promise a sock picture when it is worthy. Unsure who I am making these for. A gift I think !

Wishing you a safe trip to the roof if you have to go up there and a peaceful bit of time to knit today.

Wishing you safe roof time and
I talk more in the comments!


Katherine said...

So sorry to hear about Fireman's back and upcoming surgery. He and you will be in my prayers! I would have been praying for you already if I had known you were out on the roof. The day that I am seen on the roof will be the day you know I am well and truly ready for the mashed up food!

Cute picture! Bad puppy!

Wool Winder said...

Praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Channon said...

Lots of prayers. Don't tell him about me; tell him about one of the guys in my recruit school who had back surgery and 15 years later, is still riding the first due engine. (I had an awful surgeon, so my story doesn't count!)

Hem. Sissy would TOTALLY do that if she was allowed in the side yard where the trash lives.

Marguerite said...

Prayers from SW Michigan for all to go well. And for you as well. Having an ailing husband can be very stressful.

Turtle said...

lol at the pup! My neighbors will not let any of us up on our roof, which is fine by me, it is a super tall two story. My neighbor goes up twice a year for me, once to clean my gutters and once to sprinkle moss killer. My neighbors are wonderful, he also mows my lawn every other week, i do pay him for this but it's not nearly what he would charge anyone else. good luck with the sock! you'll get it, i luv knitting socks! I prefer cuff down.

Sue said...

From the back that looks like one of my pack members raiding the trash cans.

Good luck with the surgery. We'll be thinking about him. It'll take my mind off my own surgery coming up way too fast.

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