Saturday, April 10, 2010

When the magnolias bloom

I feel like that long dark hole of winter is really over. Their beauty is brief; one good windstorm of spring, will tear those petals away. Al and I always look for the bushes and trees to leaf. Leafless breezes are just not the same as a good wave of wind through the leaves. Okay that is sight and sound, now for smell. I love the smell of my neighbors sour mulch, but then I love the smell of skunk too.

This begs the question: What is the taste of spring?

(knitting topics resume on the next post) Enjoy your weekend,
always let your conscience be your guide!

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Turtle said...

gorgeous, love a good magnolia. When i first left home i brought a kitten home that had been neglected and plastered in fleas, named her sugar magnolia, or maggie for short.

Channon said...

Oh swoon... I must go visit "Teddy Mag" my teddy bear magnolia. He only lost one small branch at the bottom despite all of our snow over the winter. He's only been with us since late June, so I am eager to see if he'll bloom for me.

Katherine said...

Magnolias remind me of when DH was stationed in Biloxi, Miss. I can still smell that strong scent. there is nothing more beautiful!

The taste of spring? Wine all winter--margaritas in the spring!

me said...

Magnolia's get pummeled by our rain, so I love them for that moment they are beautiful before the rain gets them - the "spring smells" award goes to hyacyths (sp?) as they are smelling so great, and soon the lilacs will be out as well - ah, Spring!!!! (finally!!!!)
P.S. Love you knitting colors!!!

Ling said...

I love spring, especially magnolias and cherry blossoms! And I very nearly bought a magnolia tree for the garden this year.

Taste of spring? Chocolates (especially with Easter) and white and rose wines!

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