Friday, April 02, 2010

Something with Ducks on it, for Easter, Passover, Spring

Wishing you chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, a bit of ham and peace this weekend!

I chose this cute knitted outfit for today's post. The issue I have with this is it looks like a machine knit it. The pattern is available so I know it was handknit. I like a handknit to look a bit, well not store like. Don't worry my knitting will never look store like, with all the little mistakes I make!

Read some good tips on pilling on one of the daily emails I get from the knit companies. Did you read it? Well, they say that blends don't pill as much as 100 percents. I never knew it. Do you find that to be true?

Some good sock knitting getting done this week. Here's my problem. I think I post more of my problems with knitting than solutions! I tend to overpick up stitches after the heel is turned. They said to pick up 14 stitches, I think, but I knit a heel that seemed to knit at least 20 pickups to look like it fit.

Hence, the gusset gets pretty long into the foot of the sock. They always fit fine. But it makes the straight knit part, shorter. I love that straight stockinette part you know! Do you do this too?

You know I won't rip it out. I do make certain the other sock has the same number of pickups so they match.

Guess what? I am on the porch posting! Cricket is chasing a bee outside the screen. Life is good!

I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

Love the weather! My fur-girls are panting from all the playing in the warm sunshine.

I usually pick up the amount of stitches they specify, but I sure do like the straight stockinette part. It's most comfortable and a speedy knit!

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Porch knitting returns! Happy Easter to your whole family!

Sue said...

It does look machine knit. It's really lovely. Hope you have a great weekend and that the Easter bunny brings something special for you and Cricket.

Katherine said...

Forget the ham just give me Cadbury Eggs!

How wonderful that you can sit on the porch and watch Cricket play after the extremely hard winter. Macy sends Cricket spring-time smoochies.

The stitches I pick up on socks depends on the length of the heel flap--DH is longer (18 sts) mine is medium length (14 sts) and DD's is shorter (12/13 sts). I don't think it matters as long as the sock fits well. I say knit the way you knit and don't let anyone tell you how to do it.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Marguerite said...

Maybe less pilling is true for wool blends, but for cotton/acrylic blends I find the opposite to be true.

For wool and wool blends I think it has more to do with the nature of the yarn. The softer the yarn, the more pills. The looser knit the yarn, more pills.

Kathy said...


Thanks for your input. Any help with pillproofing is really appreciated. Nothing like losing your hard knit garments to pilling.

Turtle said...

It's overcast here but not raining, hailing or snowing for a change! Been filling the hummingbird feeders every other day! Enjoy your easter!

Beverly said...

I tend to not have knitting that looks handknit. Does it matter? Not in the least I know and the person who receives it knows it was handknit and made with love.

I also tend to over pick the gusset but having size 9.5's it always works out. I see sock directions as guidelines. Once you make several pairs you don't really need them. You use what works for you.

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