Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pinchin' Fireman's pocket in new fingerless

oh and the not jeopardy answers are:

for 100: who is katherine of the Comfort Zone

for 200: Who is Kathy B. (the hungarian has paprika in her eyes....)

for 300: Who is Major Knitter Jennifer Jackson. (my favorite brownies, so thick and gooshy)

for 400: Who are the McDonald's drive through staff (to name one)

for 500: Who is Fireman

for 600: Who are Helo and Mindy

for 700: Who is Grace from Lovin Comfort Knits

for 800: Who is Donna Boucher from Quiet Life

for 900: What is lace or what is reverse shaping

for 1000: What is a prayer/lap shawl.

Thanks for playing along!
I talk more in the comments!


Jennifer said...

Awww - too fun. : )

Katherine said...

That was fun! I love the fingerless. That yarn incorporates all my favorite colors. You did good!

Channon said...

I should have known more of the answers!

Turtle said...

lol, luv that yarn!

Grace said...

great p0st!! i kept going where am I where am I and there I was!!!!!

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