Friday, April 09, 2010

Not enough photographs

I read on Donna B's QUIET LIFE blog today, that I should be shooting dozens more pictures a day to get some good ones.
That's the ticket! Here's Cricket with a few paws off the ground....and before we get to knitting, I'll give you the obedience class update. I can say for certain that there is no golden retriever in Cricket. Oh we have work to do. :)

Now to knitting. I found a little pair of booties that I will try. The last time I tried some little booties, they came out just okay. I found Sockpixies baby slippers the other day. They look so simple. I'm not even thinking that I can make them for all the babies on the way at work, but I can make a pair. Have you made them?

For tonight I'll stick with theTye dye yarn knitting. Since I have already ripped it out twice, I can say that it reknits very well. I haven't lost any yardage.

Time to get knitting instead of blogging!
I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

That's a GREAT photo... pure joy in motion!

I did some cute little baby slippers a while back. Thanks for reminding me. I won't finish the blankie in time, but I can crank out some foot-coverings!

Katherine said...

Cricket is so cute! He looks like a little love bug. Does he cuddle? Macy loves to cuddle but Max is too busy to bother. Maybe it's a boy/girl dog thing.

The Tye Dye yarn is so pretty that it will look good as anything.

Sue said...

I found a pattern for tiny little booties that work up really fast. I can make two pair in an evening.

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