Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little bit of knitting talk

These images were taken on my friend Lisa's farm. I'm going to make some fingerless next in this Cascade 220. Unsure if I'll add more colors to this Feed Corn yellow. (see how I tied the silo in) I have to say the feeling of being on Lisa's farm was magic. A short drive from the congestion and you are out in the big skies. Their plans are big and their hearts are too. The whole package needs some lovin and then it will be more than liveable.

They have a huge stable. When Lisa pushed open the sliding door, and we stepped in, the light ignited every insect inside. It was dusty and dreamy. Then a horsefly flew into my shirt and bit me on the chest. Those very fresh flies. As if they said, hey Mrs. Suburbs if you can't handle a few good bites, you can't enjoy the beauty.

Lisa is going to rescue some dogs to live on their dream. She says I can train them. I can hold classes in the field or the barn.
She lets me have a little dream inside her dream.

It has been 80 degrees the last two days here in Chicago. And that is not the big news here.

The big news is that after 48 hours of not leaving our yard, Cricket finally pooped. ( I do dream big too) Given the advice of Troy (who called himself the Long Arm of the Law when he got home from work and the kids were little) and our Vet. We fed and ran around the yard. We encouraged. We begged, shamelessly, anyone with a dog who came by to come in and relieve themselves. We wore a path around the yard perimeter. We added a meal on one suggestion: STUFF HIM. Then without me there this morning, on his own after he ate, nature took its course. I promised raisenettes and tootise rolls to friends and neighbors to celebrate.

I could read the relief on his sweet little face when I poured my coffee this morning.

any big news by you?

I talk more in the comments!


Sue said...

We have the opposite problem here. Five of my water dogs won't pee or poop anywhere but their own back yard. It makes for uncomfortable trips away from home.

gaylen said...

Oh your poor Cricket. He just doesn't like to potty in his own yard? Mine will let nature take it's course where ever!! g

sapphireblue said...

Very nice yarn color!

Katherine said...

That's huge! You go Cricket!!
I love the color of your yarn and the beautiful dream it represents.

Channon said...

What a lovely dream! Just spray to get rid of (most of) the horse flies and enjoy...

And kudos to Cricket! Gretchen is INSANELY particular about where she goes too, so we're celebrating with you!

Allison Jo said...


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