Saturday, April 17, 2010

The 3 stitch project, as Leslie says

I walked into the yarn shop hoping to find friends Karen and Les and there they were. Karen and Les get me. The know my colors, they know what my knit mind likes and I come away certain. Certain I want to hit the needles and knit. Confident.

A few mintues of catch up, the kind you can do with people who really get you, and they had my next fingerless project ready.
As Les said, "It's a 3 stitch project, 3 stitches and you are done!" Not really, but suffice to say I knit a whole fingerless last night.
And I love it. You'll see it Monday or so when I come back to life after the weekend shifts.

Do you have a 3 stitch project that is fast, lovely and gives you near instant gratification?

Happy Weekend

I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

No. I don't have a three-stitch project, but I'm totally loving my Horcrux sock and don't want to knit anything else right now. Since it's been forever and a day since I finished a pair of socks for me - or any other adult - I'm going with it!

Katherine said...

There are several patterns that I go back to again and again like Lavalette (by Kirsten Kapur). I guess it is basically "three stitch" and so easy. I know what you mean--there is something about those projects that keep drawing us back. It makes for happy knitting! BTW you are taking some really good pictures these days!

Kathy said...


Thanks so much for the photo pat on the back. Im really trying. Donna Boucher of QUiet life says her photo mentor wants hundreds of shots a day. Im going for 10. So good someone noticed an improvement.

Anonymous said...
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Ling said...

I'm such a slow and easily distracted that I don't have anything that I can complete quickly!

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