Friday, March 12, 2010

Karen's Swiss Cheese Scarf

Karen was having fun while she made the scarf. I'd seen it somewhere in a photo, probably Ravelry, but not in person.
If you don't know, or didn't surmise, as I didnt' : it is buttonholes and buttonholes and more buttonholes. Cute huh?

Still working on my thumbed glove. I am working a thumb like a gusset. I didn't realize I've never done this before.
I like it because it is easier to do than run around some stitches in a circle on four needles. I think I'll really like the result.
I don't do well running around in circles. Period.

So it is MY weekend. The weekend where I work the night shift and we lose and hour! I know the seasoned night nurses know how to feed the 2 oclock babies at a new time , but thank goodness there will be 14 others nurses there to help me figure it out......otherwise I will be running around in circles.

One less hour to stay awake. What annual fun for those of us who are night shift!

I can't believe we haven't organized a theme of treats for in the lounge. Hmmmmm. What would the theme be? Perhaps there is no TIME to get to the lounge on this evening........aha moment for me.....
I talk more in the'm comments!


Channon said...

Neat! However, I bet I'd get sick of the pattern... Only one way to find out, eh?

Katherine said...

I love the swiss cheese! I never thought about it before but while I am frustrated because i am going to lose an hour of precious sleep there are others, like you, who are thankful that they don't have to stay up or work for that extra hour! I feel better already and I haven't even lost the sleep yet!

Beverly said...

I have Swiss Cheese in my queue. Her's looks great. Will have to get it done before next winter.

I love the longer daylight but I hate the time change. I'm so glad that I don't have to make any major adjustments.

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