Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another thing I won't knit, but love

Isn't Interweaves' gathering flowers bag lovely? I'd do it in a limey green. I wouldn't put flowers in it.
When you are really short, as I am, this bag would look like I was playing the bagpipes or something...
and it would be horrible for my shoulder.....
but a girl can dream!

Oh yes she can! Apparently Kate G is dreaming on Dancing with the Stars. OH wait, I am a nice blogger.
She made Buzz look like he could dance. That was so nice of her.

I know we are trend setters as knitters, so I just wanted to mention that J. Jill now offers a EASY SLUB HOODIE.
I don't like knitting with slubs, or worms I call them. But J Jill's ad makes them look so summery. I'd consider
buying one if it was sleeveless.

Also I have to mention that I am doing my part again for bringing back the babushka. I think we'll have a
babushka contest. Should we? It is babushka weather........winds off the lake you know

I talk more in the comments!


Katherine said...

I love J.Jill and saw that hoodie too but I fell in love with the long grey dress. Must have!

Years ago I knitted a babushka all in seed stitch and have never worn it but I would take a picture for your babushka contest!

Grace said...

i do love that bag but i know I will never knit it I am all for a babushka contest, have a pattern in mind must scout out yarn

Turtle said...

love the bag but, lol, your right! As a fellow shortie bags like that don't always work!

Channon said...

After scaring half of Virginia with my ocean-done 'do yesterday, I should knit a babushka, post-haste!

Sue said...

To deal with the winds I keep my hair very short. It's too short to go anywhere.

Teresa in Virginia said...

HaHa, I love the bag, but I'm really short too (I'm four feet ten inches tall!) If I knitted that groovy bag, I could sleep in it..

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