Friday, February 12, 2010

Socks or fingerless? Please vote

I am nearing the decision point. Should I make these waffle socks or waffle fingerless?
I have Olypmics to watch. I have a new dog to smother with love and walks and toys.
I am taking a little trip soon......

I am leaning towards fingerless. I think I just decided. Thanks. I need to make some fingerlesss for some great women that work at the shelter with me. Fingerless are needed all spring and into May in Chicagoland. The wind off the lake stays
in control until about June.

5 things I am happy about:

*Al passed her nursing boards. !!!!!!!!!!!!

*I dropped Cricket's leash by accident this morning and he took off running, towards the busy road. I called him so
cheerily "CRICKET COME".......he stopped, looked around for me, and ran full tilt back to me.

*My neighbor says Cricket can use her fenced yard for us to play in until we put up a new fence in spring.

*My back is feeling good ......walking a new dog sure helps.

*I am next in line for CUBA in the Round on Ravelry!

Have a great Opening Ceremony Knit Night!

I talk more in the comments!


Turtle said...

smile, maybe it's just cause i developed major holes in mine this last year but ... i vote fingerless!!

Beth said...

I liked your "happies!" But what is CUBA in the Round?

Katherine said...

Hooray for Al and mega congrats!!!

Hooray for Cricket and doing the right thing.

Hooray for fingerless and that would have been my vote.

Hooray for your back and lots of puppy walks and play!


Kathy said...

I joined the Take it or Leave it Round Robin on Ravely. The idea is someone starts a box with yarns and goodies to be sent to 10 people. The
"Rounds" are named for Hollywood folk. I am in the Cuba Gooding Jr. Group, hence Cuba.
When the box arrives, you take as many things out as you want, and replace it with an equivalent number of items. The box goes back to the original box filler in the end.
Im a newbie, but the box for Cuba is on its way to me next!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Oh, I get it. Sounds like fun! I hope you have fun things from which to choose!

Laura said...

Congratulations Al!!!!!
I vote fingerless also.

Elaine said...

What great news about Al.

I think whichever you would use more is what they are destined to be. I am not the fingerless glove sort myself - the concept just doesn't make sense to me - if it's cold, I wear gloves or mittens since the coldest part is my fingers not the palms or wrists, and as a fashion statement, well, I work in an engineering lab where fashion is not a word. But I am not always with it.

I hope you have great fun with the box with lots of goodies (or goodings) you NEED.

Breien in Lansingerland said...


Did you see ice speed skating? Gold for our little country on the 5000 m! I am curious to see what Sven is going to do on the 10 km.

Channon said...

It's probably too late to matter, but I vote fingerless too.

And HOORAY! for Cricket! Coming when you're called is a huge deal, but so is having a fenced yard to play in until she has her own.

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