Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finally Finished Fingerless in Florida

These will be gifted. I used a waffle stitch. I may do some crochet edging yet for a bit more finish. I love the way to waffle broke up any pooling. Do you know of any other patterns that are short, simple and break up pooling? I already have my yarn for the next pair; I am just waiting on the right pattern.

Katherine, loyal commentor and pretend friend, asked me to be honored with a blog award and list 7 things you don't know about me.

Here goes!

*I have yet to find a comfortable chair in my house to knit in.

*I need to be more protective of my time.

*I just went on my first Vacation without buying yarn or a pattern.
(I could have, but decided none of the yarn called me!)

*I am a shakey hands person. THere are times of the day where I
am too shakey to knit and relax while I do it. Wine helps this!

*I have had FUN with swaps and Ravelry swaps. I'm stopping
for now. THe mail fun will come in the way of ordering yarns.

*I almost NEVER order on line. I use the phone and call
the store.

*I wish I could have acrylic nails again. Not allowed in my
profession. I love to have short acrylics on b/c the polish lasts forever.

I talk more in the comments!


Elaine said...

Funny you mentioned swaps on Rav. I've done some recently and it sort of shocks me how addicted some people obviously are to it. Any time I log in day or night they are there. Why did you decide to stop? Who are you on Rav? The irisheyes there is from California and a grandma of 11 - probably not you.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love your fingerless mitts the pattern and the colorway:)Hugs Darcy

Sarah said...

They look beautiful!

Leslie said...

Here's a way to finish fingerless mitts up that a friend showed me. When binding off, do it from the inside, purling two together, and then slipping the stitch back to the left needle. Then you purl two together again and keep going. It makes for a prettier finish on the right side.

Kathy said...

Well Elaine, I just am stopping for awhile. It is fun, just want to spend money on other things. I am Huckmom on Rav!


Thanks for the purl bind off tip, I'll try it!

Channon said...

Nice mitts! I'm done with swaps for a while too. They were fun, I met some lovely people, but... time moves on.

Grace said...

I am also a shaky hands person but it has not stopped me from knitting, in fact knitting helps the gloves are gorgeous and I missed you lots while you were away

My word verification is shower, is it telling me something?

Katherine said...

So interesting the things we don't know about our pretend friends! I love the gloves--expecially the color.

DD misses her short acrylics too.

Wine helps anything!

Beverly said...

I love the mitts and you are so right. They are addictive.

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