Thursday, January 21, 2010

Knitting Admission: I took steroids

Yes, I need to come clean. I did knit this pair of socks while taking steroids. This is the only time I have knitted on steroids.
I thought I just bulked up from isometrics in the chair. Now there will be an asterisk beside my name. *Kathy B.

Why did I do it? Pressure really. Some of you have Godgiven talent. Sock of the month club people, I am in awe of you.
And there was no pain while knitting this pair of socks. No knit pain, that is. Oh I found myself a little bit edgy.....I broke a few things along the way. Mostly things that dropped to the floor as I hobbled unable to pick them up myself.

So, due to some unexplained back pain, I was precribed a steroid pack. I found myself moody: missing Huck more. After all he'd pick up anything for me and in a cheerful and happy to help way. Fireman isn't nearly as eager to do so. He simply won't eat off the floor like Huck did. Even if it is a Frango Mint.

So there . My admission. Forever, *Kathy B.
I talk more in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Kathy! I'm shocked!

Tee hee.

Beth said...

Your socks look great!

My house is always cleaner when I'm on steroids (usually for a case of poison ivy). I have to do something with all that energy!

Patt said...

FRANGO MINTS!!! I miss them so. You know, I must check Macy's down here for them. But it just makes me sad it doesn't say Marshall Fields. Hope you feel better. Patt

Karen said...

This is too funny. Thanks, *Kathy!

Ling said...

The socks look great even if they were knitted on steriods!

I'd miss Huck too!

Katherine said...

*Kathyb we do what we must! I love your socks. They are a great color. It's amazing what we can do on drugs!

Sarah, The New Girl said...

haha ohhh love this title :) Sorry about your back! Hope you're feeling better!

Sue said...

I agree, dogs save us lots of time and energy that we would have to spend cleaning up spills.

Channon said...

Ha! Cute post. I hope the steriods helped the back too.

Jennifer said...

Hehehe- I hope they helped!

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