Sunday, January 03, 2010

A clue to my knitting discomfort, just by looking!

I was watching my knitting closely today as I finished the Square Circle Hat by Phoe M. White. When you make the square top you divide the 88 stitches on to four double-points. Then you 3 needle bind off the two opposing needles. Knit for a few inches on one of the remaining double points, and then do another 3 needle bind off to finish.

As I was really looking at my knitting, I was able to see that my knitting stitches from the circular needle onto one of the straights in the image, were very tight. The other needle has the same number of stitches, but you knit them straight for an inch or more to make the "flap" stretch from one needle to another. Are you lost?

The point is that I realized how loosely the stitiches I knit on the straight needle were as opposed to the ones I took off the circular. No wonder my arm begins to feel uncomfortable when I knit on circulars. So back to straights only for me.

I knew I didn't have issues when I knit on straights, but now I SEE why.

Anyone have any straight knit ideas for me? I need a new project!

I talk more in the comments!


Elaine said...

Now that is interesting - I wonder why that is.

It looks like you're knitting using Lantern Moons (I currently have 2 projects going on LM 14" straights). I adore them. I wish I could afford to buy more (or wasn't so cheap that I resist buying more).

As a matter of fact, I am knitting a sweater that I am designing using a pair of LM straight needles, and the yarn I got from you in a trade (along with a lot of other yarn that I didn't get from you).

There are very few things you can't knit on straight needles. Besides the sweater, I am also knitting a great-looking modular afghan (which will really be a felted wall hanging) using straight needles, and a clapotis scarf from sock yarn. What sort of thing would you like to knit? Unless it has a truly gaggillion stitches, stick to straights - they are much more fun anyway.

Chris said...

My mom doesn't like circs either for the same reason. I do not have that problem and I love circs.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I really like the Mustard Scarf and it is a quick knit on straights;)Happy New Year Darcy

Beth said...

That's too bad! Right now I'm knitting a project on two circs and realized that one pair is much more comfortable for me than the other. Strange...

What I'm knitting is Trenza Mitts and they have instructions for being knit flat, too. So you might like those. I'm really enjoying the pattern.

Good luck!

Kathy said...

THank you all for the advice.

Elaine, I'm encrouaged that I can use straights for just about anything....

Does LM make double points? I have to go look.

Katherine said...

I have a theory (almost not worth giving because my theories are always wrong). Maybe circs are more self-supporting so you put all your energy into knitting and the stitches are tight. When you have to hold and control the straights your knitting would be loose because you are dividing your energy between holding the needles and knitting. See I told you it was not worth hearing! Wait! Wait! You asked for ideas not theories.

Anyway, I want to see the hat when you are finished because you know I am all about cute hats!

Elaine said...

LM indeed has double pointed needles. Also very beautiful and expensive. They have brass pivots where the wood meets the cord so that they do not kink up. I like them but they are nothing like the sensuality of the wooden straight ones. I'd sell my soul for a bunch of LMs. Well maybe not that, but they certainly could be a life changer (as in, if only I had lots of LM needles, my whole life would be different :-) )

Lynneb said...

I'm lost. But it does look painful.

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