Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am happy about:

*starting this sock over. Tried to cheat and use 3's for needles. I am happy because it really doesn't bother me at all to frog it. . It would have earlier in my knitting life.

*just knitting socks. No anxiety about decisions.

*Leftover night. No decisions about dinner. (if you'd like to know the menu it is: lasagna, amazing greek chicken, or a grilled hamburger. )

*having a great morning voluteering at the animal shelter. I get to help with what I believe in: preventing more hungry kittens and puppies in an overpopulated pet world.

*checking the weather in a warm place I am going to next month

*seeing Helo today when Al stopped by. He is a big 3 lbs now.

*feeling my back get better.

*sending off a swap package. I beat the system by 15 cents. The postman laughed and laughed when I was delighted that my flat rate box worked out to save me 15 cents. Next time Im sending someone something really heavy!

*a fire in the fireplace.

*turning 50 this year!



Beth said...

That's a nice list!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy about my leftover lasagna tonight too!

Glad you're happy about 50. I'm only a couple of years from that, and don't feel like that's a bad thing at all.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Sock is looking good!

Katherine said...

The socks are beautiful but they probably do need size #2 needles.

Working at the animal shelter would be a problem for me because I would want to bring them ALL home with me.

It's leftover chicken salad night in our house. I'm happy about that too!

You are going to be a gorgeous 50!!

Elizabeth Boyle said...

I've got leftover lasagna in the fridge for my lunch. Yum. Must be a lasagna week. :) Pretty sock, hope it knits up quickly.

Channon said...

Wonderful list! I'm glad the back pain is easing up. And isn't it freeing when you can frog without anxiety?

Sarah, The New Girl said...

mmm can't decide what I like more-- a fire in the fireplace or leftover night :)

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