Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Some things about the Holidays, but not ten things

*I promise to show you the velvety scarf as soon as I finish it. It is going really well since I ripped it back. I am already farther than I was before the ripping. It reknits beautifully too. Remember it is Muench Touch Me.

*The tree is up and it was easy peasy. 3 snaps and it went together with lights attatched already. On clearance last fall. Perfect for that extra knit time that would have been taken up by real tree cautions and finding lights that won't light anymore etc.

*About the only other decoration I've gotten around to, and I love this SEASON, is the Santa that I put in the fish tank.

*Less can be more for the Holidays! Truth is some of our things got ruined in the basement and so what is left is okay, but I am tired of it. Time to find a few new things and begin some new tradtions.

*I bought SMELL OF THE TREE from Hallmark so the living room would smell like a real tree.
Not so much. Al and I agree it isn't the tree smell really, but the candle does smell very very nice.

*Haven't shopped much at all yet. Nonetheless I know that every year I love the gifts I give, and this too shall
happen. I Believe!

*I keep telling Fireman that a puppy will be fine under the tree. Or a shelter dog. He nods now, and that is progress.

*I did bake a batch of cookie gun shooter spritz cookies. What a mess that whole production becomes. I am done.
I'll be making some bars but that is my cookie effort for the year. They aren't even that delish. I am eating them nonetheless!

*Is this more than ten things?

* I don't know what I'll knit after the scarf. My sister in law better love that scarf. I will take it back if she doesn't adore it.
It is so deliciously soft that it deserves to be loved. I have been down this road before...will I ever learn?

*I need to put some yarn on my list to Santa. More on that later.....

*Zach is on the megabus now going through the blizzard. Ah youth. I've given it up to his angels. I did send him
with a megasnickers bar to share with everyone when they get stuck in a snowdrift......
he's going to visit a "FRIEND" who is lovely and very pretty.
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Jennifer said...

Oh no! I had that Santa Claus candle holder. I burned my wrist on it and still have the scar. I'm awfully glad to see naughty Santa under water. Mwahahaha.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Love the picture and sounds like the snow has hit in your neck of the woods:) Hugs Darcy

Katherine said...

*I know dear SIL will love the scarf. Looking forward to seeing it.
*I put up our tree yesterday. It too was a snap. Sounds like the same after Christmas (last year) special.
*I recieved a strange email that said, "Please tell Kathyb and fireman to take me home!" I think it was from RUSH.
*Son visiting pretty friend. Interesting!

Kathy said...

OH Katherine

I hope RUSH is adopted before next week............otherwise...

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