Saturday, December 12, 2009

Irisheyes Holiday Scarf Poem 09

The Sister in law Scarf

She knitted the scarf in a holiday way,
she knitted to carols,
it felt just like play

The yarn it was velvet,
acrylic but soft,
the choosiest knitters
could not even scoff,

This scarf wouldn't itch
or bring hives round the neck
Why the pickiest sister would say,
"What the heck?

THis scarf is so dreamy
so soft and so new
why I'll wear it to church
while I sit in the pew-

Then I'll bring it back home
and I'll wear it there too!"

But the knitter forgot
an important knit part....
the scarf needed felting,
but would it be smart

to risk the said scarf
in a front loader yet,
the result could be something
we'd want to forget

it could ruin the scarf
in a very short spin,
it was already Perfect
she thought with a grin

but her knitfriends insisted
it had to be done
she threw it on in
and she winced while it spun.

She hadn't the time to reknit the gift
the yarn was expensive and she was

but when the machine made it's
finishing ping
sped opened the door and examined
the thing

Why it was not ruined,
it was BETTER in fact
she would find the best wrap
and she'd wrap it up fast

For she knew if she looked at it's
perfectness more
the scarf, as a gift,
may not go out her door-
it might stay right with her
and forevermore.....

But the Spirit of Christmas presides
in the end
you knew it dear readers,
the real


The end


Anonymous said...

Random guess--Vintage Velvet in Touch Me. Gorgeous, isn't it? I was terrified to felt mine too, but it really was better. Yay! But you should keep it. :-)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Love the scarf and the poem:) Hugs Darcy

Katherine said...

The poem is fun to read and the scarf is too beautiful to let go. I know, it belongs to SIL but you can knit another for yourself. Merry Christmas to you!

Grace said...

beautiful I have a shawl made of the same yarn same color and it wormed something awful but it still keeps me really warm love your poem

Elaine said...

Oh what fun!

Did it felt? I thought only wool and similar animal products could felt. The things you learn by reading other people's blogs! Thanks, pretend friend and do treat yourself to one - you deserve it!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

You missed your call... you should become a poet :-))

Anonymous said...

i think hallmark will be calling you

Ling said...

Great poem! You have a way with words.
LOve the scarf - it's such a gorgeous colour.

Beverly said...

I love it. The scarf and the poem.

Sue said...

Congratulations, it's beautiful.

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