Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cleaning closet surprise

Once upon a time I crocheted 6 teddy bears. The bear family was the start of a baby blanket. Then life happened and the bears were tucked away and thought to be lost for 20 years. Yesterday, in an attempt to organize our closet, I found the bear family. They were in a little chest with things I saved from my children's newborn period.

The are kind of goofy. I have no intention of crocheting more. Maybe I'll knit some squares and join them for a baby to be.

It was a very fun find. There was so much stuff on my bed and on the floor that I could barely have room to nap.
When I awoke, it was dark, because it is dark by 4 pm here in Chicago this time of year. I tripped over the little chest going to shut off my alarm clock. Initally I thought I broke my big toe. Now I think I will just lose the nail. I swear I didn't even swear. I was so relieved that landed on my feet somehow, that I was too grateful to swear.

I'll bet those bears had a good laugh after being in the chest for 20 years. Any ideas for them?

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


sapphireblue said...

Oh how cute! I think incoporating them into baby blanket will be nice.

Katherine said...

Oooo! So sorry about your little piggy-nail. I've been trying to use "drat" lately instead of other less wholesome words. I think the bears would be great knitted into an afghan.

Ms.Bennet said...

Not a completely knitting-y project for you, but they would be lovely cot decorations for a new baby, maybe mounted onto fabric (or knitted so) with little hangers to fit over the rail? Something a little different where they can be dotted along the edges to help prevent bumped heads as baby grows up and for fun faces for baby to play with when in there.
Orrrrr just a blanket :D
I once fractured my toe by stubbing it really hard on a boat, wasn't pretty, and my language was no where near as controlled as yours!

Jennifer said...

I have a great idea. 1. Buy 4 lovely soft comfy baby blankets (I prefer a nice flannel). 2. Sew the crocheted teddy bear square to one corner of the blanket. 3. Deliver your amazing handmade gift to four different recipients. 4. Bask in their amazement at your talent and creativity. 5. Smile and coo at the baby.

me said...

Wow - my closets are 'way more scary - how fun to find cute critters (of the yarn variety) in your closets!!! Bravo to you!!!!

Kathy said...


I think I love your idea. I am way too lazy to make more squares. I love the idea of one on each blanket. I can save a few for someday grandchildren! Hmmm, now to find a sewing machine!

Sue said...

They are really cute. You could make up a blanket of a bunch of little pillows. Whoever gets them will be very happy with them.

Anonymous said...

I think making a scarf and then adding a bear to each end would make a really fun scarf. Sure would be a conversation starter!


Anonymous said...

A hat would also be cute with one of the bears in the center of the front of the hat and make a pompom on the top.


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