Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Another hat......and a question....please....

Happy December !

This is another hat for Zach. The last was too short AND unraveled at the top . Humiliating for me.......I swore I pulled the last stitches through and hid the end inside the hat.

So I ask you dear pretend friends, Can I secure this hat differently? It is sketcher style so the top will not rest, this time, on the crown of the wearer's head. In this case, can I somehow do a non circular bind off? Or did the other hat fail predominantly because it was too short and the wearer may have pulled it too hard over his crown??? Suggestions? Help? (snickers and eye rolling are acceptable as long as you provide an answer!)

Another question for the bakers amongst you.....

I found a recipe for my cookie gun shooter. Yes, this means I am attempting Holiday cookies on my own again.
I had lost the recipes. I know I know I looked on line. The recipe I found calls for cornstarch in the mix. What? I thought that was for gravy? Have you ever? Suggestions? Help? (snickers again acceptable!)

In the image of this post, I show you one of my favorite circs: Bryson bryflex with excellent tips. Oh I do love these needles.
I am just not a fan of addi turbos. I think I am the only one.....Al thinks I have a few screws loose, and I am sure she is right, but she can take those Addi's with her anytime. Hmmm, maybe Santa will gift all of them to her.......if she is good.

Can we chat in the comments? I love that.


Katherine said...

My hat lover, GS#3, is a big guy with a big head so I anchor those closing threads at the top so they will NEVER come out. When there are less than 12 stitches on the needles I use a tapestry needle to run through the live stitches and knot them on the inside. Then I run the yarn end through a few stitches and use a dot of Fray Check to hold it in place. One last step--I shake my finger at it and dare it to come apart! Works every time. Cookies=frozen dough. Needles=KnitPicks Options.

Ms.Bennet said...

I can't advise on the hat problem because i am only just starting to make my first ever hat, i will be absorbing any advice you receive for my own, i can however agree with you about the Addi turbo's, give me the knit pro acrylic tips any day! Or when i have more money the wood tips :)

Elaine said...

I'm not sure what a sketcher style is - is it essentially straight across on the top? If so, do a 3 needle bindoff. You put half the stitches on one straight needle, half on another parallel to the first. With right sides together, and a third needle, take the first stitch from each needle and knit them together. Repeat for the second stitches and pass the first stitch over (classic type of bind off). Continue knitting the nth stitch on each needle together and then passing the n-1st stitch over. At the end, you are down to a single stitch which you end off like any other flat knitting.

I did not roll my eyes once. Maybe you are rolling your eyes since you already knew all of this and I have not guessed correctly about top of the hat style.

Karen said...

Guilty confession - for hats I always knot the yarn at the top after pulling it through the live stitches, then I weave the tail.

I've never used cornstarch in Spritz cookies (that's what you mean by cookie shooter, right?). But my mom has a recipe called Cornstarch Cookies - you roll into balls and flatten with a fork. They obviously have cornstarch and EVERYONE loves them!!

Kathy said...

Katherine....Fray check? I must find this. Where do you get yours. Micheals? Knit shops? On line? I have heard of this !

So it is all about the KNOT! Hooray. Fireman is very very good at knots. Maybe he can show me.

Must shake the finger too!

Elaine thank you for not rolling your eyes.

Karen, glad the cornstarch is tried and true!

Katherine said...

Fray Check by Dritz can be bought at Michael"s or JoAnne's, online or any craft store. It is fabric glue that is never really hard and softens with washing but it holds like Superglue. I fasten all my yarn ends with it--even on lace shawls. After it drys you never know it's there.

Nancy said...

Yes, the length of the hat probably was a contributing factor.

If you are using acrylic yarn, it is pretty slippery and does not "lock" like wool. I use a tapestry needle to run through the stitches, weave them in a couple of times and then tie a knot and weave the end into the top of the hat.

Kim said...

You could try Kitchenering the last few stitches as Techknitter suggests:

I wouldn't trust a recipe with cornstarch in the cookies. You can search for "spritz" cookie recipes - that's the kind you make with a cookie press. I usually use the one in Joy of Cooking.

Good luck with both prospects!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I'm thinking switch to smaller needles:) Hugs Darcy

Sue said...

I pull the needle thru the stitches loosely, then pull them thru again and pull the whole thing tight then I make a couple of little stitches where they won't be seen, then weave in the ends. That way they're gathered on two threads, not one and have been tacked in place. Also, tell him not to pull so hard.

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