Saturday, November 07, 2009

This is a 5 minute post

This is the ever elusive Fiona kitty. She is over 15 now. She is skinny as a rail. It is very rare that Fiona lets us take her picture. So here you see Fireman forcing her to be photographed.

Fiona has been mothering me since Hucky passed. She is very attentive to me and wants to sleep with me now. It has taken her a lifetime to be braver. For years my father swore there was no cat Fiona in our home. He drove my children absolutely batty over this. They could never catch her to show her to my dad, and he kept up the joke (on them) for many years.

Im knitting. I am loving the little wrap I am making myself in the Great Ad. non wool blend.
I am still not knitting the Very Easy Baby Blanket that purl bee invented. I am almost done, but it is that
wool issue again.
I am ready to start something with the incredible buttercream soy that Katherine sent. What a trade!

I am having camera issues. UGH. Camera is fine but I am unable to download to the computer right now.

I have bigger fish to fry for the next few days. Enjoy your weekend .............what are you doing?
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Nat Red Knits said...

Fiona is a cutey! Although she doesn't look real happy about being snagged.

My dad had a cat like that once, always hid when anyone came over.

Katherine said...

Sweet Fiona sleeping with you since you lost Huck makes my heart flip-flop. What a sweetheart! DS#4 has a cat that is "in your face." Really, he comes and rubs around my legs the minute I walk into the house and if I sit he gets in my lap.

This weekend for me is all about hearding big fence builders around. The new fence is almost finished and Macy can't wait to get out of the run and into the whole yard again! Hope your busy stuff is more fun!!

me said...

Fiona & the Fireman...sounds like a great book title! The picture is so cute - a video would have been fun too, as I bet she was moving!!!!
Thanks for such a great blog - I do love your stories! Trish

Karen said...

Awww, little Fiona sounds like such a doll. I love that she is mothering you as you grieve for Huck.

Allison Jo said...

aww, my little kitty. I wuv her

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