Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Postal Worker Jen who Knits give us mail hints!

So Jennifer says :

*the rates at the post office try to be just a bit lower than UPS and The others. THey all have to stay in the same range so none of the major transport companies goes under. There are so many people and families and jobs involved, she says it would cause even more of an economic crises if any one of them went under.

*If you get the flat rate boxes you will almost always get a bargain if you send something even a little heavy. From our area
packagees going to NY are pricey.

*The flat rate boxes are new and sturdy. They are designed for carriers to be able to carry and not drop.

Jennifer loves the holidays at her job. Whatta ya nuts Jennifer? Well, no. She loves playing Santa and giving
people their packages. She says they got so excited, it is just wonderful.

*Jennifer is getting her knitting back together after many many years away from the needles.

*Jennifer dreads when fruit is sent from the lower states up. Lots of little travelers come with the boxes.
She is afraid of ants.

*I am always in there chatting with her as I send of yarn and the like. She is so sweet.


I'm still having camera issues with the computer.

Let's just say it is a huckleberry over my persimmon to fix this issue.

If anyone of you would email me an image to put on the blog, I would be so grateful
You know, something Irisheyes appropriate. Make me laugh, make me smile, make me drool
at your yarn and knit ups,

Help me please. Then I'll pick some images and post them here . Because I just can't do pictureless posts....

I'll give you credit of course. any takers? email to harpnut@gmail.com PLah ease!

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

Working in the Post Office reminds me of working in retail. I have great sympathy for postal workers this time of year! We should have a "be kind to postal workers day."

Sorry about your computer/camera problems. Hope you can work it out soon because I love your photos!

Turtle said...

my mom is happy to not potentially put her back out this christmas! She just retired from her rural route of 30 years! (she is enjoying not having to change her brake pads so often)

Grace said...

speaking of the post office I got a cute little note from my pretend friend in the mail and I have been remiss to thank her for it. Thank you KathyB it was the best mail in the bunch!!

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh Turtle. Your mom is amazing.

Grace.... so glad you liked your mail I sent. Hee hee

Just had to!

Beate said...

oh- one of those things I loved about US mail was al those crafty stamps.

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