Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two hats for the Jack o lantern

jack O's will need hats this Halloween if the weather here recently keeps up.

It would be oh so cute to make a bunch of boy hats and line up pumkins for display.
I'd have to put i'pods on them or something to make them seem with the times.

Actually the boy hat is gong to Zach this parent's weekend! I get to hug that boy again!
My father always says he needs to see the whites of my eyes. I think I understand him now.

The other hat is my little costume for Halloween. I plan to wear all black and pin the little
spider hat to my head.

Sorry to deluge you with Halloween but I love it you know!
And I have not eaten that Baby Ruth bar yet!

Class and Coffee blog is looking for a good pumpkin recipe to try out.
Do you have one for her?

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

My Mom used to say, "I miss your face." So great to get to hug the boy!! I love the orange hat--tres chic.

Grace said...

Very good hats, and great models!!

Elaine said...

I was also going to tell you how chic your pumpkin looks.

me said...

So Cute! Love the Jack-o-lantern models as they can't say, "wrong color" or "Moooom, what were you thinking?" I think Zach will love these hats!

Kathy said...

Why thank you Al for the Comment! You are so right. But I think Zach will wear it !

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