Sunday, June 07, 2009

A friend with an eye for Yarn

A dear old friend Carol, recently introduced me to her friend Karen. Turns out Karen is a great knitter. She has yarn memory that never forgets. Any of us can be knitting with any yarn and she knows what it is immediately. Well, Karen is knitting a shawl, among other things. She showed me her gorgeous simple shawl: She is making the Easy Triangle Shawl from a Lion Brand Pattern. Her shawl starts in the middle. The yarn is Tibet that she found on clearance, and she's using addi turbos in 9.

The yarn is incredibly soft. Do you see the tiny flecks of gold in it? This little bit of gold sets this shawl apart. I cannot wait to show it to you when it is an FO. Looking at her ball of yarn I would never ever have guessed it would knit up so elegantly.

The yarn is most likely not available anymore, but when I want to knit with something like it, I know I can ask Karen for a good subsitute.

Do you know a yarn that looks unimpressive and knits up like a dream?


Grace said...

elann wools are wonderful, the highland, the donegal, the uros, the sierra, I love them all

Southwest Trading Company Optimum DK is one of my other favorite yarns

Dream in Color Classy is perfect but pricey

and Cascade 220 There are lots of great choices

Katherine said...

Debbie Bliss Rialto looks crazy in a skein--sort of tightly wound around itself. I just knitted a hat with the Rialto and the finished product is soft and sqooshy and washes like a dream.

Birdsong said...

Flecks of gold, eh? Did you find out if it is still available. I agree with Grace that there are lots of yarns that fit your description... nondescript until made into something wonderful. Manos yarns are like that and so are some of the Berocco workhorse yarns. Cascade Eco Wool definitely fits this category.

Angel said...

of the acrylics- I think that Berroco Comfort looks way better knitted up than in the ball. Plus it is soft and non-squeaky.

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