Friday, April 03, 2009

I knit a little lace and Im okay!

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)

I think someone's watching over me by having me discover lace right now. I can only do one 13 row patern repeat before I must put the scarf down for fear of losing concentration and making a mistake. That little effort exhausts my mind as it is used to garter garter garter or stockinette in the round.

I haven't had access to my camera this week. I cannot wait to show you some new things when I have the capablity again. Tomorrow! Fireman and zach went skiiing in the Rockies and took my thing a ma bob that downloads the images from camera to apple.

In the interest of every knitter who is a woman and needs to knit comfortably, I give you my new bra story.
Olga is now Christina's line. Apparently Olga bra owner named the new line after her daughter Christina.
This I know because the bra deputy, well call her Tutts, for the story, announced it to me and the other shoppers when I told her I needed help finding the Olga brassieres.
Bra Deputy Tutts takes her fitting seriously.
She whipped out the measuring tape and got to work.
The numbers and letters she arrived at were no where near what I'd been wearing.
Ah ha moment for kathy b: now wonder I feel like the bras are killing me.
Deputy Tutts must not like working the registers....
She gave me 4 bras to try on and marched into the fitting rooms tapping her foot outside my door.
She warned me I must try them on the the middle row of hooks for proper fit.
When you are a nurse and you change in a common locker room the size of a handicapped bathroom stall,
you aren't shy.
I came out with Olga's Christina,made in China, for her approval.
That looks WONDERFUL On you. She said it in a way that would have broken her arm if she
was patting herself on the back any harder.
I thought it looked, okay.
She kept saying how the separation was perfect.

I just wanted to go home.
Im not a shopper.
This was a task not an adventure.
So I picked up another and took them home.

After one day of wearing Olda's Christina I had to remove it after 6 hours.
The side of my breast just below the armpit felt like a knitting needle was stabbing it whenever I moved.
They are going back.
Now that know I for sure what my size is NOT,
I may find a bra I like on line
with as much success or more than department store shopping.

Olga, Christina, whoever you are, I"m trying the MIchael Jordan brand:
Hanes here I come.

NOTE TO Reader with Jojo question:

I hope that the person who is having troubles with Jojo land Swirl scarf will read my comments on the last few posts to help her out. Diane the lurker had some good ideas about the pattern and success related to casting on and picking up the stitches for the next circle you create. She had some curling going on, until she reversed the way she was casting on and picking up. I cannot get back to you because your link won't give me a way to connect to you. Mysterious pretend knitter, read the responses in the comments that I tried to leave for you. Okay, did that confuse every little pretend friend out there?


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I'm so glad your knitting:)
also I will take those tips I have the pattern and could add the tips to it.Hugs Darcy

Katherine said...

Kathy you are a brave lady! I have never had the courage to have a bra fit to me, even though they say it is necessary on What Not To Wear!

I might be interested in knitting the Swirl scarf. Where can I get the pattern?

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Glad you can knit without pain!

JustApril said...

Bras are oddities, from implements of torture to happy support. Hope you find the latter once you drop off the former =)

Karen said...

Hurray for being able to do a little knitting again. Can't wait for your camera to come home so we can see your scarf!!

I'm too shy (scared) for a bra fitting. But I suspect I'm wearing the wrong size.

Beverly said...

Too bad you had a bad fitting. I had one done at one the Belk's in Columbia and she was excellent.

Glad that you can knit even if it's only thirteen rows. That's excellent considering you couldn't knit any rows. Keep protecting that arm.

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