Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowboard Hat by Al, finished for Zach

Let's just not even start about the adult man wearing a hoodie on a zero degree day in Chicago. At least he agreed to be on the post. I betcha I know a bunch of adult women who actually dressed that way last week and enjoyed not being hot for a while. Perspective, it is all in your prescpective. I firmly believe you don't catch a cold from the cold too. Far better to get a flu shot than wear a hat all winter as protection. oh let's not start on that either ;)

Now, if you wear the hat because it is handknit, one of a kind magnificent, work of art, well that 's okay no matter what the weather. Enough about weather. How's yours today? Huck and I took a woodswalk and it was mind clearing I tell you, mind clearing.

When the foggy mind cleared, and yes I wore a hat, this is what was clear:

Im approaching my thousandth post this spring. There will be a contest. There will be only one winner.

The arm Care Plan as we nurses say needs some new direction. This requires me to do some difficult but necessary phone calling to the hard to reach, but very nice, Doctor. Im a great patient advocate, now I need to be my own. (then I can buy myself , the nurse, a little thank you gift......)

and finally, the one last thing is abundantly clear: Im not ready to decide about committing to a knitting group. I have to be patient and get the arm plan in place first.

What became clear to you today?

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

We celebrated DD#1's birthday today and it became clear to me that I should probably not eat anymore birthday cake for the rest of the year. The soft white cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese icing will be in my mind and on my hips for a long while. That's a great hat Al!! Rah, rah, rah for long (cold) walks with Huck.

Heather said...

As my father brought his mother home today for palliative care, it became clear to me that waiting for a loved one to die feels so much more painful than when they are gone. I think waiting is the most confusing state of being.

Nell said...

I actually feel pretty lost today. Maybe that'll clear up this week. We'll see.

Great hat, though!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

One thing became clear to me... and you'll know within 2 weeks what that will be!

Karen said...

Hurray for the wonderful hat. Hurray for the clear thoughts. I'm pretty muddled - the only thing that's clear is that I need to make some changes to get my life back on-track. Not a fun realization. *sigh*

It's also clear that bringing home K.C. was a wonderful decision. If only she would start eating. And use her litter box instead of the pantry floor. Not clear on how to make those two things happen. :(

Jennifer said...

GREAT HAT! Yeah - what is it about boys and feeling no cold? Ugh. They had hooded sweatshirts that had a thermal lining in them at J. Crew. That might be a compromise for Mom and Son.

LizzieK8 said...

Your Zach spells his name the same way mine does! Does he still struggle to get people not to write Zack?

The hat is hot, the hoodie cold...what can we do about them?

Kathy said...

It is me. Kathy B. Responding to comments.

Heather. Palliative Care puts you in such a fragile place. Take care of YOURSELF in some special way today.

Bianca. Two weeks to wait for your revelation? Oh this will be fun. WIll you give hints?

LizzieK8. Zach doesnt have much trouble with spelling but people call him JACK all the time. We laugh. One of his friends' mom and dad has known him for years and they said to him this weekend, "Jack, you must try Korean food" They are Korean and constantly feed him! Maybe I'll start calling him Jack. Heee heee heee

Jolynn said...

Love that hat!

It became clear to me today that this was my last vacation day for a while... Meh.

Elaine said...

What became clear to me today (actually, to be honest, I've known it for a while) is that I'm overwhelmed by my life right now and have to start thinking about taking care of me as well as everyone else. Basically there is too much on my plate but I don't know how not have most of it there.

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