Friday, January 16, 2009

I will be buying more stitch markers........

(the picure is unrelated. Adrianne at 3 Bags Full's new permanent location is hiding from you all. She knew I'd post her on the blog. The new store is lovely and has all the charm and warmth of Lynnette's previous stores. Worth the wait, I'll say.)

I had another knitting mishap. I unknowingly dropped a few stitches in my purple raglan cardigan. Then I washed it on the very gentlest hand knit cycle in my washer. It now looks like it has been attacked by moths. It hasn't. The hard sad lesson for me here, is that I must use stitchmarkers even whenever there are more than two dozen stitches. It is my resolution. Buy real stitch markers and use them. It is now my knock around the cold house sweater, with a dark purple top underneath to hide the hideous holes. Karen of Musings sent me darling snowmen stitchmarkers.

Im going to get a tackle box and arrange all my soon to be new stitchmarkers in them. It is official, I now collect stitch markers. Where do you find nice big cute ones for your bigger size needle projects?

I think I'll go have some rum cake now, to help me get over this sweater lesson....and keep me warm in this old drafty house.

but first a poem

If you lose your stitches
they will drop like britches

and the sight you will behold
when you wash the knit in cold...

it will not be pretty
and you'll feel some real self pity
so the moral of this ditty

is not to drop those stitches
and to buy the stitch marker widgets!

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


gaylen said...

Oh I'm so sorry. That bites! g

Lynn said...

Where has 3 bags full moved? I would like to check it out on day.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Seems like 3 bags full has become a beautiful place on its new location

Kathy said...


3 Bags moved next to the Starbucks. It is in the shopping center across the street from Sunset FOods. If you followed them from the house to the temp location in the shopping mall, it is just a few doors down now, next to Starbucks.

You'll like the spaciousness of the store. :)

Karen said...

You are the only person I know who could make a funny and clever poem out of a bad situation. So sorry to hear about the sweater. :( Hope the little snowmen help you on your next project. (I also hope they don't fall apart. My hand-made stitch markers are not always the strongest. I need some more practice, I think!)

Emily said...

How disappointing and aggravating! You could also take up embroidery and put some lazy daisies over the holes.

Pantha said...

Thank you very much for he bunny link. What a great idea. My granddaughter will love it.

Nell said...

Oh poo! That's a bummer. But way to look at the bright side.

Ling said...

Oh no!! Anychance of some surgery to rescue this???

Beverly said...

Oooh! That bites. At least you'll be nice and cozy around the house.

Katherine said...

A Haiku for stitch markers:
Cute stitch markers rock
Especially from Etsy
No more stitches lost.

Oh well, you get the idea.

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