Monday, January 05, 2009

Help is here! Meet Carol my Ocuupational Therapist

Guess what? Carol is a knitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here she is making my splint. Things are wonky with the arm and we are in a rest mode, wear the splint almost constantly and heat and massage. Thank goodness.

Carol goes to my LYS 3 Bags Full. She has made 3 sweaters. Her next is going to be one from the Vogue Anniversary Issue last year. I knew she was smart. She wants a challenge. She wants a swing coat.

So that is my very good news for today. 2 more hats arrived today. I cannot wait to pick the prize winners. That is good news too.

DO you have good news? I love good news.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


purple-power said...

Hey - don't be a tease! Pick the winners and tell us! :-)

Kathy said...

Oh Purple,
Im not teasing. Hats have another day to arrive before contest ends. Good luck

Kathy said...

OH MY GOSH PURPLE IS RIGHT. I DIDNT REALIZE TODAY IS THE 5th. CONTEST OVER > NEXT POST IS WINNERS> SORRY PURPLE> I"d never tease about this. I am sincerely thankful to each and everyone of you who knit for charity. Really. Im too nice to tease about this.

Irisheyes Lynn said...

How lucky to get a knitter OT who also knows about EPIC! You'll be cured in no time!

purple-power said...

OK - I thought you were trying to build up the suspence!

Wool Winder said...

I really hope your arm gets better soon!

Karen said...

I love Carol two times over. First, and most importantly, because she is helping your arm. And second, of course, because she is a knitter!!

My good news. My Continuous Glucose Monitor training went wonderful yesterday, and it's been working really well. It woke me up at 4 am to let me know I was low - I ate something and my numbers have been the best ever. If I didn't have this, I would have slept right through the low and I'd be battling high blood sugars right now!!!

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