Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Not Pouting

I decorated the cookies. My "wing" as my mom calls it, (my sore arm) won't allow for rolling out dough etc.

But I'm not pouting.

Couldn't walk Huck in the blizzard cold, couldn't knit on the perfect knitting day.

I'm not pouting.

Television is boring if you can't knit along.

I eat more when I'm not knitting.

I have new yarn looking at me like a puppy at a in Pick me up, Pick me, pick me.

But I'm not pouting.

Because, every day I'm closer to knitting again!

I read Ravelry about every hour yesterday.

I can use the time to take better photography for the blog.

Would you like to see the dirt in my house?

If it gets up to a above zero degree today, I'll go outside and take some pictures.

But I'm not Pouting. Because you better not pout.......

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Karen said...

Anyone can roll out dough - the true talent is in the decorating!! That's the artistic part. :) And your cookies are fabulously decorated!!

Amy said...

Tell you what...since Birds Barbie already arrived :-) I'll pout on your behalf!

Elaine said...

For someone who's not pouting, you sure have your lower lip hanging out! That's what we used to tell Rachel when she was little and sulking.

Soon, soon, soon. And you can't eat chocolate and knit anyway so indulge! Or go out for an Indian buffet - you certainly couldn't knit during that.

soon, soon, soon

Nell said...

I definitely eat more when I'm not knitting! I hope the wing is better soon.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

pout pout pout :-) I am pouting with you as I have to go to the hospital with my second son tomorrow. His glasses broke, and his eyes have to be checked by a specialist in order to get a new subscription. It will cost me an afternoon... and I'd rather stay home ;-)

Emily said...

I'll show you my dirt if you show me yours! :D I don't even have a hurt arm as an excuse! Very positive attitude, my dear!

Allison said...

Poor Mama. I hope your wing is on the mend.

Katherine said...

Poor baby! I am starting one of those Noro Silk Garden scarves today and I promise to think of you and feel very guilty while I knit. The cookies look yummy good!

Nat Red Knits said...

I so sympathize...You are entitled to pout...rant and rave too if you want to!

Having a broken wing sucks....I have a BIG owie on my elbow that just will not heel since I fell in Feb...I used the darn thing anyway, probably why it wont heal...LOL

Not being able to knit is horrific...I don't know how you can stand it. who cares if the house is clean...hire someone for that. Too bad we can't knit one-handed.

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