Monday, December 29, 2008

FIreman thinks Santa brought him a new tool carrier


(we all know it will have yarn in it soon...shhhhhhhhh)

So the year is ending and I've had some blog thoughts as we turn the proverbial page together:

I'm going to reach 1000 posts this year. Do you smell a contest? Oh I do!

I'm predicting a Gansey sweater success. Santa brought me the Gansey book. Can you guess why I think I can make one? Those of you who read often and know of my woes, will figure it out!

I'm pondering starting a monday morning knit group near my LYS. Im thinking : Knitting at Knine. We could meet at 9a.m......But I don't want to be responsible for the group. Hmmmmmm.

I'm going to need a ton of support when Zach leaves for college in the fall/summer. The whole blog thing could become a blubbering idiot's diary. (WHO SAID THAT? WHo said it already is!)

I'm predicting a complete tendonitis recovery with the possiblity of a steroid scandal .........PRESCRIBED of course.

I am making it a point to take better pictures for the posts in 2009. No more nice knits with a bunch of other stuff on the table around it. (French fries don't count, neither do cokes.......)

2009 is the year of what animal?? I haven't heard yet.

My picket fence is coming down in 2009. My family must accept this. Minnesota sister isnt' sure she can. Neither is mom! If they decide to scrape and paint it in its 25th year, I may reconsider.

I think i"ll be able to stick to black coffee. I cheated on Christmas. I had creamer. Guess what.... who needs it?

THe Cubs, oh the Cubs. If ony Rothschild would resign in 2009. That is my New Years WISH.


I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Grace said...

Our knitting group has a spot on Ravelry and we just link up there when we want to get together, no strain no stress, if I have 2 hours free I say I will be at such and such a place at 2, who can join me, and it goes from there. Very low maintenance unlike picket fences The Koigu is purple shades

Nell said...

It's the year of the Ox in 2009. (Chinese New Year is HUGE here in SF.)

Katherine said...

Somehow I always think that knitting groups should be self-sustaining, but it seems that one person always ends up doing the planning. Why is that?

Picket fences should also be self-sustaining. LOL

You can cry on our collective shoulders when leaving-for-college time comes! It is a time of great change for you too! We are here for you!

Kathy said...

Great group idea Grace, with Ravelry.

Katherine....thanks for the support with College BoY! I'll need you and I know you'll be there!

Elaine said...

Well Rachel is graduating this year and who knows where she'll be next year. She wants to get a job working in a (cognitive science) research lab for a year or two before starting graduate school. With the economy so bad and research funding terrible because the current administration hasn't understood the need for research and that innovation spurs the economy, she'll be lucky to find a decent position even with amazing credentials (for a kid), so I can empathize. Does he know where he's going yet? How far away will it be?

I just clicked on Grace and took a look at her blog. Grace - I work in Florham Park - sounds like you're right nearby (I live about an hour away though).

Happy new year everyone.

Kathy said...

Don't get your hopes up Irisheyes Kathy. There will be no yarn in the tool bag.


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