Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finishing......out the old Year

Tomorrow brings a Warm Hat Wednesday New Years Eve post with lotsa pictures. Today will be my out with the old post.

Knittingnonni.blogspot.com's Mariella inspired me to make a NinePatch Nonni Blanket. I knitted up 2 panels on my Minnesota train trip and then put it away. Today I decided to make the two panels into pillows for the sofa. Voila! Washable. Perfect for napping, or knitting with back support!

I have to give the funniest comments to my blog awards this year to Deb from WoundTooTight. blogspot.com for her hysterical response to Firemans Top Tips post.

While reviewing the blog for the year I also noticed the post with the most comments for me, *66*, was the Contest post where I asked you to leave a comment for someone who doesn't get many comments. That was fun.

My biggest flop was the Taos vest. UGH. I am embarassed I even showed it to you. The rest of that yarn is going to be a nice simple hat.

It seems to me comments dropped since Fall. Some of my loyal followers had some hardships and stopped blogging. Blogbletherings I miss you.

I used Ravelry nearly daily this year. Maybe in the Year of the OX, I will learn to do a flicker account so I can download my meager FO's.

Meeting Major Knitter Jennifer from Conn. in the Windy City was a very fun summer knit highlight.

I won some very fun knitthings this year in contests, and I thank all the hosts of the contests that I didnt win too. I love to enter.

Warm Hats Charity Knits has been a delightful experience. Goodness really abounds.

Huck played prominently in the blog as always. He is a comment getter too!

I could not believe how far my Interview with Fireman back in June? went in our blogasphere. Irisheyeslynn tried to trace it back to my original for a good while, and she couldn't. It was a delightful surprise to see it spread like wildfire in cyberspace. Hey, has anyones significat leave them a comment yet???

Irisheyes Lynn's husband Rob featured early in the year and it perhaps was the funniest post of the year.

THe really regulars to Irisheyes will soon be on a sidebar of my Knitblogs I follow. Im learning how to add you all to my Irisheyespage. Karen M, Grace, Lynne, Darcy, Elaine! (blogless) Katherine, Major Jennifer, Donna Boucher, Ling, Bianca, evergreen knits, Deb, Emily Yarn Miracle, Beverly and Kimberly.......and anyone else I forgot and am SOOOOO sorry I forgot, Thanks for comments and the great joy you give me on your blogs as well!

Happy Happy New Year.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Kathy said...

NELL! I forgot NELL! GodBless Nell!

Kathy said...

Pat K Pumkin KNITTER. I Fogot Pat K! God Bless Pat K. ( i knew listing names was going to be a probem...SORRY!)

Ling said...

I've enjoyed dropping in on your blog and I so glad I've got to "know" you. I look forward to 2009.

Wool Winder said...

That's a really neat pillow!

Thanks to Major Knitter (Jennifer) for introducing your blog to me. I've really enjoyed reading it and getting to know you through comments.

Happy New Year!

Grace said...

love the pillow, brite colorful, looks like alot of fun!!! Happy new year

Elaine said...

Love the pillow. And I'm not exactly blogless, I just don't ever blog - there is a fine line there.

Thanks for providing cheer when we need it.

And happy new year to all - hopefully it will bring peace, good health, and joy to all.

Emily said...

That was one of my favorites, too the leave-a-comment-for-someone one. I've enjoyed spending the year with you, and am looking forward to more sweetness in 2010!

Jennifer said...

Meeting you in person was one of the highlights of my year, too!

I think the pillow (esp the part about back support) is a work of pure genius! I may have to steal that idea from you...

Happy New Year!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!
(((hugs))) from us all!

LizzieK8 said...

Don't know when I first subscribed to your blog...and I don't comment on any blogs often, but I read every post!

Mariella said...

Love the pillow idea!
Happy New Year!

Nell said...

Flickr couldn't be easier. You're going to check that off your list in no time.

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