Monday, October 27, 2008

Observations on the knit maze and the lab rat

The wise professor has decided it is time for me to stop being the lab rat. These are his observations while I have tried to knit a MAZE snowboarder hat for my son's 18th birthday.

Time/Date: The day the boy who used to be little and now is big (and really good and smelly after a tennis match), goes to school with a smile. This is also the day before he sleeps until after the mail comes. The big boy says: "are you knitting my hat today? Because I am not sure I will like how the colors are together. Why don't you knit a swatch first."
Mommy watched the Boy?Man go into that school place with all those kids and no dogs.........and I feel her heart hurting a little . She gets like this now that the Boy/Man is using a word called College.
We go home and mommy knits a swatch. i am able to get two cookies from her during this swatch period.

Time/Date: The day when the boy sleeps until after the mail comes.
When the boy/man wakes up he nods his head that he likes the hat colors and says one word. (good)
Observation not related: The boy/man used to use lots of words. Now that he is bigger and brings that sweet Cara girl over, he likes to use one word commands to Mommy.

TIme/Date: That sort of sad time, when dinner is over.......
Mommy can't be interrupted for cookies at all. She is using the word CONCENTRATING to Daddy and the Boy/Man and the kitties when they try to climb on her lap and tell her her mistakes...She is giving one word commands to the knitting too.
Slip, wrap, main, change. Her body looks like she needs a cookie and a good walk.

Time/Date: Mommy snores real loud. She is saying commands in her sleep. I'm right next to her and I like the snory sound so I fall fast asleep.

Time/Date: The day the boy/man sleeps real long again. The day FIREMAN Daddy comes home! Woooooooo! I howl when the pack is together!!!! WOOOOOOOO! Daddy wrestles with me. He pretends he is a dog. It is sooooooo funny that I love this game so much. I try to get inbetween Mommy and Daddy when the reunite. They are so odd when they greet each other. I try to get closer to Mommy, because this close thing is another game we play.

Mommy is talking real fast to daddy. She is laughing too. She shows him her knitting and then pulls it all apart. The cats love this silly game. Mommy is knitting again and this time she looks like she just had a walk and a cookie, maybe two!

Time/Date: The night when it is yummy cold outside and mommy lets me on the couch with her to knit. She talks to the Boy/Man and he tries the hat on. He uses those short words. Mommy's face is not happy anymore. She looks like not using words. She is taking big breaths in. I cannot see her lips because she pulled them into her mouth. She puts the knitting down.

My summary: It i s a good thing she loves that boy/man so much.
It is a good thing she isn't running around the maze anymore.
It is a good thing she is making him a hat and not a sweater
It is a good thing that his big birthday with the singing, is not until another day.
It is a good thing Im here to wag my tail and remind her that you don't stop giving your love no matter what the words or commands are. No matter if there are cookies or not.
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

Awwwww...hugs and words of love all around! You can use my much repeated phrase since I have been knitting the hats, "Don't let the dratted hats get you down!"

P. S. Huck is adorable in his professor wig and glasses (and so wise)!

Deb said...

Deer Huck, u and me talk like the same way. I thnk i luv u. Tel your mom to cudddle you mor and to wury less bout the nitting. plus to give u more kukeez then you will be happee and the nitting will be better.

Holli the Dawg

Jennifer said...

Great photo. How did you get the dog to sit still for the picture? Happy birthday 18 year old.

Kathy said...

Dear Holly the Dog

I think Huck loves you too. He especially loves the kukeez comment!

Birdsong said...

Awwh... been there and know how you feel. Just remember, if you do a good job, you work yourself right out of it. Happy birthday knitting, and give Huck a cookie for me.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Wonderful tale... Huck, thank you for sharing. You deserve a gread cuddle :-)

gaylen said...

Just stopped by - love the dog! Love the dog :) The photo is great. It took me a minute (okay, I am owned by bloodhounds - I'm slow) to realize the dog was telling the story.

Hope there is a finished hat in your future. Remember, it's about the process, breathe, put your shoulders down, and knit. Stop, take the dog for a walk and a cookie, put your shoulders down and knit. can't wait to see finished project. g

Elizabeth said...

Well, the photo of Huck is about all I could handle on the first try. That is sooooooo funny. I'll have to go back and re-read your entry when I stop laughing so hard. ;)

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