Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cat and Hats

Just Radar who should NOT be in the knitting basket. The real post is about hats. I have been looking at some really nice hats that blog friends are creating. WOW. I'm inspired.

Check out KnittingNonni.blogspot.com for her gansey hat. So cute. Maybe I can get a taste of gansey by trying this one. Do you know of others??

Then Check our Katherine's incredible Christmas gift hats....she's a woman on track. She's been busy with them and dutifully cranking out these beauties at a calculated rate that assures her friends/family will all be very happy this Holiday season. Most of the hats are from HATS ON book.

Finally, check out the WONDERFUL WItches Hat that Grace designed at Lovincomfortknits.blogspot.com. It's a tea cozy! I LOVE IT . Grace promises the pattern soon on her blog.

I wore a hat at my wedding. I love hats.


Kathy said...

Blog.knittingonthego.com is Katherine's wonderful blog. SORRY I FORGOT TO PUT IT IN THE POST. Go see. Really. Really. Shes knitting some wonders. Type it in, go see now! Bye

Pat K said...

What a nice kitty! Mine like curling up on the yarn, too.

Katherine said...

That is a really white kitty. You would lose him in a snowstorm! Thanks for the mention. I would love to see pictures of you in your wedding hat. I wanted to wear a big, dramatic hat for my wedding and was talked out of it.

Wool Winder said...

I enjoyed seeing all the hats Katherine knit. I have that book and have not made anything from it yet. I'm anxious to try them now.

JustApril said...

I love the name Radar, I have a teddy bear by that name ( and no I didn't steal it from Big Bird, lol ) I always liked Radar on MASH =)

LOVE the leftover socks. I'll have to try that, I have SO many 1/3's of a ball of sock yarn all over the place.

Love the tiny blue socks, too, way cute, and the goat. (even if you didn't do them)

Nell said...

Radar looks SOOOOO comfy!

Elizabeth said...

I love the picture of Radar in your knitting basket. He looks so comfortable and looks like he is daring anyone to move him. ;) Thanks for all the information on hats. I need to knit some for the babies.

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