Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From mistakes I've learned:

1. You don't fairisle a slip stitch pattern. No wonder I thought it was a hard pattern. I was slipping and fair isling. I kept thinking "those people at KNitty are crazy......this wasn't listed as a difficult pattern. " I only made it one!

2. I knit looser when I don't wrap stitiches. Is this true for all of us?

3. You can salvage knitting when you somehow pick the stitches up wrong and you are going backwards. Turning it inside out didn't work. So, I cut the yarn. Wove the tail to the right needle side and tied the yarn onto that side. So, it isn't State Fair knitting, I dare you to find the part.

4. MY knit blog friends are the best. I was really discouraged about having to frog back the pattern for the second time after my son didn't like the maze placement. Reading your comments made me feel like it wasn't going to be a big deal. YOU were right. Honestly, I got my second wind after reading your encouraging words.

5. You are the best!
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Jennifer said...

Ugh. At least you realized what was going on before you got too much further. Good luck!

Katherine said...

Don't worry about anything you do to correct a problem. A knitter would look at it and say, "Oh I know what happened there because I've done it myself. Good job!" Non-knitters will never know the difference! BTW you wouldn't believe some of the things I've done on the inside of Fair Isle hats. LOL!

Beverly said...

That's the beauty of knitting. Making it work. I'm so glad you're happy now.

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