Thursday, September 04, 2008

Knitting Humor

Here's a little story that I thought was funny. I was very overtired at the time, and it made me belly laugh. So, if you want to save it until you are very overtired, it may be funnier.

Al came home from work one day this summer after a busy ER shift. She has this huge soft spot for the elderly. THe ornerier the better. Perhaps this is because she is in the ER and there is a finite interaction time with such characters. Anyhow, of course respecting HIPPA and all privacy she told the story to us without any names.

A patient was in for many hours and her chief complaint appeared to be, not wanting to spend the night in her nursinng home room. She disguised this with an array of vague and every so slightly potentially serious symptoms. However there weren't any signs of the symptoms. She became increasingly demanding as she realized she was going to be sent back to her home.

As her nurse wheeled her out to the waiting van, to be driven back, she whipped around spyly, pointed her finger and shook it and said, "and that little one, the one who isn't a nurse YET (that would be AL) .......I think she stole my socks!

Can you picture Al, stealing a dirtly little pair of cotton white socks from this lady? IF only the little dismayed lady knew Al can knit socks around her!

Like I said, I was very overtired and found this hysterically funny. I apolgize in advance to anyone who is offended. We have to see some humor in situations or they are too sad to go back to day after day!

Allison : give her back her socks!
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Jennifer said...

Awww - it's funny and sad all at once. Poor little old lady who doesn't want to go back to her room. Poor Al being accused of stealing her socks. Maybe she heard about Al's socks and was just hoping that Al would take pity and knit her a pair. Hugs

Jennifer said...

P.S. And when my father was suffering from Alzheimer's these past 10 years, we used to say - "You have to laugh at this stuff, otherwise you just cry."

Karen said...

Oh my, if the lady could see the socks that Allison knits, SHE'D be the one stealing them from "the one who isn't a nurse yet". :)

Elizabeth said...

That is funny! I can relate to that story as I had a MIL just about like her----shhhh, don't tell anyone I said that. ;)

Katherine said...

So sweet and funny. Tell Al it is those light moments that take the stress out of ER work. Everytime I get crabby and say something like, "Did you take my car keys? I know you did!" I remind myself that old age begins here. LOL

Lynne said...

That is a great story. Tell Al I love the old people, too. The older and more crazy the better! I love being able to converse about absolute nonsense! Once, when JR's mother was in the nursing home with Alzh., we walked in and she immediately looked at him and shouted, "Well, you son of a B****"
To which JR responded, "Well, Mom, I guess that makes you the B****!"

monica said...

Being a nurse, I would rather take care of an older person than a young one any day of the week. I would imagine that some of them are a lot easier to handle in the 2 to 3 hour ER visit though than the 12 shift on the floor. Tell Al to give the little lady her socks back or at least knit her a pair

Bernadette said...

LOL, my sister is a nurse and had many stories about the older patients. You do need to laugh sometimes, or you get burned out. It is sad that this lady had to do this to get some attention, though. Maybe she doesn't have enough visitors at the nursing home, or wanted a change of scenery. I hate to think about it, but someday that may be US... LOL

JustApril said...

Yes, hysterical! I'm still chuckling. I can see it all playing out in my head. heheheheeee

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