Friday, July 25, 2008

Loose ends

The first image shows two amazing things.
#1 Major Knitter Jennifers fairisle sweater, emphasis on steek (SHREIK)
#2 The Sears Tower in Chicago.

Jennifer and I met through blogland about 4 years ago. What a treat to meet here on her visit to Chicago. She came bearing way too many gifts from CT. How did she know I needed a new Keychain? I have a sock blocker key chain. You are jelous aren't you! I will show you the summery blue sock yarns she gave me as soon as I knit with them. Two great patterns, a needle checker and the soap from the hotel! I love fine soaps from Hotels!

We took the Chicago River Architecture Tour by boat. Jennifer is an inspiration as she knits much harder patterns than I dare. She also knits fairisle on a river boat architecture tour. She is stretching herself by knitting this sweater with her friends in a weekly class. She is a fascinating person . She knows all about her bloghits and what topics her readers are interested in. It was my first blogdate. If you haven't ever, go over and visit it wasn't exactly DUTCH because she was way generous and treated ME to the riverboat tour. I thank her so much.

Since you all so sweetly said you like the pet posts, I give my nephew dog WRIGELY mid jump into his pontoon boat. THose of you who know the pain of the digital camera delay will appreciate my incredible luck at timing this jump!

I'm sending the buttons to Kimberly at WovenNspun. She has some tough days ahead until her husband finishes yet another tour of duty. I hope the buttons cheer her up.

Jilly's blanket yarn was : Vanna White! She told me she loves all the color choices available. I loved the way it knit up. Squeal of good Fortune from me. I'll be trying it.

Finally, I'm announcing the contest tomorrow. Promise. Y'all come back now ya hear!


Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Thanks :) As I sit here writing with a smile on my face, I hear The Daddy Man and the kids laughing and giggling. Next Friday we will be crying once again. :(

Jennifer said...

Yeah! I had a blast. It was so amazing to finally meet you. Your photos are great.

I'm in awe of the animal action photo. Those are really impossible to capture on camera. Congrats.

Next time we'll have to get together in NYC or CT. That will be fun!

Karen said...

So glad you got to meet Jennifer . . . isn't she the best! Okay, I've met her in real life, and you've met her in real life . . . . so now it's almost like you and I have met in real life. LOL And yes, come to Connecticut!!! Jennifer and I only live about 15 - 20 minutes apart.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Your pictures are awesome:)Hugs Darcy

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