Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tulip colorway anyone?

Theses tulip colors would look great in a Norotype skein. I love how the colors sort of blend into each other. Such shading. Nice job mother nature.

I'm worrying. My packages to swap friends seem to be traveling by Pony Express. The pony is also lame, apparently. And he doesn't swim the pond well either. I have sent my new friend Floozy, (Di) two wee tiny socks now, and neither has arrived in Europe yet. The second one sent had all the papers and insurance and blah blah blah. I have sent my Not Secret Sweep Swap her fun swap gifts and they haven't arrived to her yet either.

This has never happened to me before. Is it the price of gas or something? I want to see them enjoy their gifts.

Has anyone else noticed this happening?

I send them U.S.P.S. I go to nice Post offices where the employees are helpful and concerned.......


Elaine said...

Hi - the tulip colors are glorious. For some reason, no matter where we plant tulips, the squirrels or someone nips off their heads. They don't eat them either - they just nip off the heads and leave them. Now this has been going on for too many years for it to be a malicious kid, and has been in places in my back yard that are not easily accessible or visible from the street. The weird thing is that it doesn't happen to most others in our area. It does happen to some. I feel like I have some sort of bad tulip omen going on here. Everything else grows fine.

As for packages - I have not experienced that as a sender at all. In fact they often get there faster than I expect. As a recipient, well, I never actually know when they send them do I until they arrive.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Helpful and concerned? Postal employees? I think that may be the problem, I think when you walk through the door at the post office you are entering some other dimension or something. I dunno, the Twilight Zone maybe? I have never heard of such a thing. :)
The tulips are beautiful and those colors would make a beautiful skein of yarn.

Angel said...

Okay, your comment about the pony being lame made me chuckle. In my family we like to joke about the burro- "The burro got lost on the way" or "The burro is getting swaybacked." Anyway, I had a swap where I sent something to rural Canada. It took 4 weeks (from the US to Canada for pete's sake.) It apparently got hung up in customs even with all the proper paperwork. It showed up last week, when I was in despair.

So don't despair. It seems that the overseas stuff is taking a long time these days. And technically the stuff I sent wasn't even sent "overseas."

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Hi Kathy,

Standard mail seems slow... that is correct. I am still waiting for a package that my friend in Ontario sent... way back in February.

It goes fast if you pay priority mail... then it will be there in a week. But the fees to send from Europe to North America are also pricey. LOL! And the gas prices? Outrageous! If you knew what we pay here you'd be speechless.

Sue said...

The tulips are gorgeous! Tulips are my absolute favorites. I'm not sure what is happening with your pony express issue, other than maybe you have one of those miniature ponies and the poor little thing just can't go any faster?

Karen said...

Beautiful colors in those tulips. No advice for the mail situation.

monica said...

Your tulips are indeed beautiful. I could use a pair of socks knit in that color.

don't know what to tell you about the mail. hope she gets them soon.

Nell said...

Gorgeous tulips!

The USPS and I are in an epic war. So I have no good advice for you. (other than use UPS!)

Bernadette said...

The tulips are really beautiful - the colorway would be perfect for a Noro yarn, I agree!

I am sorry you seem to have a jinx on your packages lately. I have not had any problems with anything I have ordered recently, whether delivered by UPS or USPS... And the package I sent you seemed to arrive very quickly. I hope whatever the problem is clears up soon. It's very frustrating for you and the recipients, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Mother Nature most definitely got things right with those tulips. Gorgeous!!

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