Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lots of questions .....

Do you believe I knitted this Fiesta boucle over a year ago? Do you think it is a huge swatch? Do you see my tarnished ring on the needles with the stitches? Do you have any ideas for what I can make with this yarn in this guage?

Do you want to answer a few questions for me?

Do you have a cure or a way to relieve canker sores?

Do you use a sweeper instead of a vacuum? Would you recommend one to me?

Do you have something that improves your dog's breath?

Do you like contest prizes to be gift certificates to a yarn shop, quirky prizes and yarn, a really cool purse or something that is already knitted for you?

Do you want to tune in tomorrow for the CONTEST?


Anonymous said...

I was told long ago that canker sores were from an upset stomach. Put a little milk of magnesia , know it isn't wonderful tasting,on the sore several times in a day and it helps to clear it more quickly. Weird I know.
I like contests that send me a something rather than going to choose something myself.
I have a Hokey carpet sweeper and use it n the kitchen floor for years. But, I think the hand vac, dirt devil works a lot better and faster too.
I use a Swiifer to wash the gfloor and have heard good things about their floor sweeper but haven't tried it.

Kim said...

There's special toothpaste you can buy for canker sore care - it doesn't contain sodium laurel sulfate which makes them hurt. When I have a canker sore, I switch to that and oddly enough, it really does help clear them up faster. I also sometimes use Kanka - which is a brush-on anesthetic. But it's really hard to apply while not getting it on your tongue or swallowing it (which feels really weird).

Kim said...

Oh, and swishing with warm salty water also helps clear canker sores up faster. Twice a day - morning and evening.

Amy said...

I've used Kanka. It is hard to put on, but it does work.

What do I like in a contest prize? I like a prize that arrives at my home.

Birdsong said...

Lots of questions... canker sores mean you are low on Vit. C, but it is best to take as capsules while you have an active one.... I use a vacuum, and think they all pretty much suck (pun different than it appears). I think you want to take a look at your doggie's eating habits AND gums... some people start brushing their dog's teeth with good results and giving chorophyll will probably help, too. As for prizes, what Amy said...prizes that are quirky and unexpected are the most fun; see ya tomorrow:)

Oh, I do like the colors of your large swatch and it would probably make a cute kid's sweater.

Katherine said...

For canker sores I use lactobacillus acedophilus, a "friendly" bacteria found in acedophilus milk, acedophilus tablets (drug store) or, if I can't find it, just plain yogurt which contains a form of acedophilus. I just pat the yogurt on the sore and it feels better right away and is much improved or gone by morning.

Nell said...

For dog breath, I think there are things called greenies that dogs chew. They have chlorophyll in them I think...

Tammy said...

I find putting some peroxide on the canker sore with a q-tip a few times works pretty quickly to clear it up. Darn, those things are painful, aren't they?

Grace Yaskovic said...

sounds like most of your questions were answered, I agree that a child item is the way to go with the fiesta, and I will be tuning in for the contest

Cookey_knits said...

Canker soars I don't get them but I did hear salt water rinse works.

Sweeper, my opinion would be a vacuum works better and why have a sweeper, just to take up more space (my sister had one and didn't like it)

Bad dog breath well try giving them the sugar free mints yes the little white or pink ones,(again my sister does for her dog and she loves them the dog that is loves the mints).

Contest well I just love contests, anything that is a suprise is good for me even something already knitted up is fine as long as it is something useful.


Bernadette said...

Wow, quite a variety in those questions! All over the map, you might say! :) As for canker sores, mom always recommended the salt water swish, or soak a cotton ball in it and use it as a compress.

Your Fiesta yarn is lovely. I don't know how much you have, but a t-shirt or sleeveless shell would be pretty...

Doggie breath can be relieved with "Greenies" dog chews. They are meant to help doggie's teeth and breath. Unfortunately it's rather like brushing - it doesn't last forever and must be repeated daily...

I'll be looking forward to your contest!

Emily said...

In no particular order:

Hydrogen Peroxide as a rinse hurts and foams weirdly, but the canker sore will dry up quickly.

I use one of those "as seen on TV" rubber brooms to sweep up the dust and fur, then I vacuum up the piles.


I never did figure out what to do about dog breath.

JustApril said...

My best friend used to get raging canker sores and she was told that it meant she needed Lysine and when she took it, they went away. I get them very rarely, thank goodness, but they are awful (esp when you have braces!) Hope yours go away soon.

I've always preferred a Kirby vac to anything, but they are pricey - what about those "As Seen on TV" red or black rubber bristled broom things? Looks like a good workout anyway =)

My dog's breath is ok, it's the other end that bothers me b/c he eats weeds in the yard and farts broccoli smells on us - SO gross - but they have those Denta bone things that are supposed to improve the cleanliness of their mouths, maybe they would help. OH yeah, and apparently we are supposed to brush their teeth regularly (never have, personally...)That's going to be one minty fresh, chlorophylled, clean mouthed poochy when you're done with him/her =))
the end

jen said...

Quirky prizes and yarn prizes, my personal fave
Canker sores: if it's on the inside of your cheek, rinse with warm water and salt, don't swallow; if it's on your tongue, this will seem gross but has worked for every one I've ever had - use tweezers and isolate the white, swollen taste bud that is infected, and squeeze it off or pull it off. An instant of pain for instant relief. I understand if you want to try other options first!
My mom has a sweeper-vac from HomeDepot that costs $29, it's very good, I'll get the name for you
Dentabone! My dog loves it. Martha stewarts website advises brushing your dog's teeth every day with that steak-tasting stuff, but I would lose a hand if I tried that. We put torn-up strips of fresh basil or mint leaves in our dog's food when it's in the garden, but dog breath is dog breath.
Thanks for the inspiring knittin readin!

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