Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Books for National Library week!

I count Planet Earth as a book. An incredible book. A wonderous book. Do you .....Planet earth?????

Luring the Largemouth Bass is a bit of a joke. We bought it for Sweet Husband last year. Do you have to judge a book by the success one has after reading it? I think he thought it was a good book. Alas, no largemouth bass. Sort of how I feel about Lace books....

Finally, my NEW book 200 Knitting Blocks. More knitted throw inspiration. Dishrags too. I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it.

What are you reading??????


Jennifer said...

Please let me know what you think about the 200 book. I was thinking of getting it, but would love to hear your thoughts before I do so.

Mindless knitting is some of my favorite knitting, too.

Karen said...

Your afghans and dishcloths are going to be so pretty in all those designs. I am currently reading "The Prince and the Pilgrim" by Mary Stewart (I love King Arthur tales).

Grace Yaskovic said...

on my night table is the Border Bride by bertrice Small, I used to read 4 books or more a week then I found knitting, THe knitting book I am working with at the moment is Wrapped in Comfort by Alison Hyde I just started the bigfoot shawl

Tom is reading An Inconvient Book by Glen Beck and Mastering Astral Projection (shakes head and remembers when he never read books at all)

Katherine said...

Great book, and great excuse to knit 200 wonderful blocks! I love knitting squares!

I read a lace knitting book once and afterward had a better chance of catching a largemouth bass than knitting lace. The whole point of lace escapes me!

Anonymous said...

The 200 stitches will help you find something at the 3 Bags sale.

Amy said...

Heh. Part of my freelance work is copyediting, and lately I've been doing a series of fishing manuals. Let me know if your husband would like one of them!

I'm still reading All Souls' Rising by Madison Smartt Bell, which is just an amazing book. Yesterday I bought the McSweeney's Joke Book of Book Jokes, which likes quite funny.

Beverly said...

Planet Earth and Deep Blue are fantastic. I love the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

Wool Winder said...

All of those books would be right at home on our bookshelf. In fact, I already have 200 Knitted Blocks--it's good.

Kathy said...

Major Jen-I love the 200 knitted blocks book. thumbs up.
Karen-King Arthur tales ARE so wonderful.
Grace: Mastering Astral Projection sounds like a good boy book. Maybe my Husband will read it!
Katherine-you make me laugh.
Amy-Troy would love a fishing manual.

THanks for the comments friends.

Bernadette said...

The 200 Knitted Blocks book looks very tempting... I'll be interested to hear your thoughts about it also! I just got Vogue Knitting on the Go ~ Crocheted Scarves. It has some pretty and offbeat patterns in it - I'm looking forward to making a few.

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