Monday, March 31, 2008

Why I enjoy mindless knitting the most

(and Why I bleed Cubbie Blue)

If you've stuck around irisheyesknitters long enough, you know that Kathy B. (that's me) is a plain knitter. I throw in Lynn and Al's knitting for some pizzazz. ( Hey Lynn and AL, I need you to send me pizzazz. )

I've been thinking about why I get so much comfort from Knittitng and knitting and knitting stitches. I can be content without a purl at all. I can increase and decrease and use a pen to mark off rows in a pattern repeat. But,


I think it has something to do with my work. Being a nurse means no downtime at work. I love being a nurse.

When I get in the door at home, I often don't really speak much. Sometimes I can't even pick up the needles. I need to sleep first. And when I sleep I dream....about work. When I am rousted from a good hard slumber, I am ready to knit.
Just knit.

I like plain things.
I like the PLAINS. I dont like mountains (sorry, I like YOURS but I dont want any)
Im happier in Nebraska than Colorado.
I like plian food the most. Fresh bread and butter.

I like baseball. I love hours of endless slow baseball. Pitch by pitch.
The radio is always on for the games, whether Im acitvely listening or not. It is great white noise.

and I bleed Cubbie blue. I doubt there will be a World Series in this our 100th year as Cubs.
It is opening day at Wrigley. The rain is falling now. Drizzle at the moment.
I even like watching them pull the tarp on and off our real grass field.

I really do.

Am I fascinating ? No. I don't even try to be. Yawn.
Is it nap time yet?


Wool Winder said...

I get it. I truly enjoy mindless knitting, though I knit other things too. And I'm a die hard baseball fan.

Bernadette said...

There is a friendly "war" here in our office between Mets & Yankees fans, I'm in the latter group. We all talk bb news, especially now on Opening Day! (I must say, I do have a friend who's a diehard Cub fan, and I really feel for him...)

"Mindless" knitting is very relaxing, because your thoughts are free to wander a bit, and it can be very contemplative. I enjoy those times, because they can lead to moments of insight or creativity ~ or just some quiet, peaceful knitting! :)

Donna Boucher said...

Go Cubs Go!!!!

Nell said...

No matter where I live in the world and no matter how many different places I see a baseball game, Wrigley will always be my favorite!

Karen said...

Plain is not bad at all. On Friday, did a garter dishcloth and loved just tuning out and knit knit knitting. It's great therapy!

blog-blethers said...

Sometimes, expecially after a day at work (I work in health too), plain is just what the doctor ordered;)

And I just love the wee toaty sock!

monica said...

Good for you supporting the Cubs this year.

And sometimes we all need just some plain knitting, nothing wrong with that.

Oh, and by the way, it is always nap time : )

Anonymous said...

Very nice free form. go cubs and FUKEDOMA! Sammy finally made it out from the caverns of my desk...what do you call that kind of doll again?

Katherine said...

I'm still a die-hard Cubbies fan. I've knit through a Cubs game many, many times! Sounds like heaven to me.

hakucho said...

I'm with you...I love mindless knitting. Sometimes that's all I'm up for and it's very relaxing :) Plain is good!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand your desire for mindless knitting because I'm the opposite. I prefer difficult knitting most of the time. Well, except at knit night. If I dare knit anything other than stockinette, I just end up ripping it all back when I get home.

Beverly said...

You're the balance for all the other outrageous people. We all could use a little plain vanilla.

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