Friday, February 08, 2008

Grace made me a entrelac babushka! I LOVE IT

I love when women wear babushka's. My sister and I laugh when the weather gets cold and windy because we were once in an elevator with a woman who told us it was babushka weather. Well, this Hungarian LOVES her new wrap so much she is calling it her babushka. Grace at LovinComfortKnits blog sent this little something, as she calls it, with my acrylic yarn for our swap.
Wait till I show you the gorgeous raspberry acrylic she sent. Gorgeous.

Grace rescued me from Alias ashamed acrylic swap failure. Yes that's right Grace took pity on me and was the only swapper for my swap. Let me tell ya, the logistics were so easy. Who says running a swap is hardwork? Everyone participated and was thrilled with their packages. All 2 of us!

I found a sweet blog friend and a great knitter in Grace! I'd have to say I've blown her cover, but I'll give her an alias:
Grace, Alias, SwapSaver!


Emily said...

Good for Grace! I thought the swap was a good idea; there are acrylics out there that are overlooked - and they aren't all novelty yarn.

Becky has discovered a sock yarn she really really likes.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Grace came through.. and in a great way! If I'd had any acrylic yarn in my stash I would've been able to participate. Then again, I would've been the third wheel huh?

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