Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Study in my own Knitting

I had a farm in Africa. Oops. I mean, I fell in love with a colorway.

When I saw this colorway knitted up in a sweater at my LYS, I had to find a project for it. The sweater was out beause I would itch. Although, I was attracted to it because it was a simple turtleneck and there would be no challenge to the pattern reading.
Not that I was looking for a challenge.

So Santa brought me this Taos from Tahki Yarns . I won't tell you that someone threatned Santa a teeny bit, regarding this gift. I was KIDDING Santa, just kidding.

This is the incorrect back of the Rowan Big Wool pattern Saffron vest. I have since frogged it. But, look at that colorway!

I think this is a great project for me. The stitches are BIG. The frogging is nearly painless. The pattern is difficult however.
In a moment of Christmas cheer, Al wrote out the shaping for me..........

Wait wait, I am going to try the REVERSE shaping on my own today.

So about the study:
a): Choose the yarn after seeing it knit up.
This is a good way for me to not be disappointed.
I've learned from my past. (it took years, but ...)

b) Waited for it to be given to me as a gift.
This is a good way for me to feel guiltless about the yarn.

c) Needed to work a big stitch project to see progress fast, and
be able frog it and reknit it fast, the same day. This keeps my
mind on the WIP. I am not tempted to put it down because I fell defeated.

d) Felt comfortable enough yesterday, to not believe the almight pattern for
once in my knit life. I reknit the front left by looking at the back and doing
what made sense. HUGE leap for me. Huge.

we'll see if it was the right thing to do!


Ling said...

Hi Kathy
Happy New Year.
I love the colourway. Good luck with the project.

Emily said...

January is a great month to set outside your comfort zone (especially with guiltless yarn). Way to not trust the pattern!

Bernadette said...

Wow! Looks like you have learned quite a bit, and expanded your knowledge of yourself and your knitting. Your deserve a "Fearless Knitter" badge! The Interweave Knits newsletter recently made up a badge for fearless knitting in 2008 - you can grab it from them (or from my blog, if you like!) Great job!!!

Katherine said...

Lovely colorway! Some of my favorite colors all together. I know it will be beautiful. Have a wonderful year of knitting!

Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous array of colors. I can see why you were drawn to it. Best of luck with the sweater. I know you'll knit it up into something absolutely gorgeous.

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