Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rowan BIg Wool Mini Vest Fnished

It actually looks better than the picture. I swear it does. Someone asked me for the pattern at work today. I love it. I have to find a better shawl pin to use to close it. I don't want a button. Did I tell you that I forgot to put the buttonhole in?

A few things ......

AsKatKNits tells me she has a sister who is my sister's duplicate. I say, I believe it. Let's see her picture! It will be fun. Maybe there is something in our pasts we just didn't know about? Kat is also having a fun contest right now.

This is post number 747, and I don't fly. I am a wimp.

Finally today, I'd like to blame Emily of YarnMiracle for planting the idea that I buy a cookbook for little cakes. I've ordered it Emily.


Anonymous said...

I love the vest!! It looks awesome. Okay - you need to put in EZ's afterthought button hole :-)

I will work on getting a photo of my sister who is your sister's twin and post it on my blog.

Stay tuned!

Oh... and what contest am I having ???? :-)

Lynn said...

You can make a crochet loop and the button will go thru that easily. Make whatever sized button you want to use.

Bernadette said...

The vest is lovely! The colorway is wonderful... I agree, a crochet loop would be easy, if you want to use a button or toggle closure. Shawl pins are pretty, too.

Emily said...

Yay (and my abject apologies all at the same time)! The chocolate pound cake is also very good (although not at all what I would call a pound cake - not dense enough) and the apple oatmeal muffins. I like your chunky sweater - you didn't forget the button hole, you made a Design Decision!

~Kristie said...

How pretty! And I didn't even have to turn my head this time to look at your photo,. ;-)

Cindy said...

That is sooooo cute! And I love the colors.

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