Friday, January 18, 2008

The Frugal Hungarian Knitter Rationalizes

I have spent a season or more, considering buying a MixMaster. Talking to people, female only I confess, taught me that there are 2 very distinct camps on this issue. There is the I can't say enough about how much I LOVE my mixmaster camp AND the I never use the thing and it takes up too much space camp. Both camps are pretty passionate in their views.

Some quick market pricing gave this Frugal Hungarian pause. That's a lot of yarn money.....for something that I may not use much and don't have space to store.

Yesterday I found this fully functional retro MixMaster at my resale shop for Ten Dollars. Yarn Miracle Emily had already persuaded me to purchase SMALL BATCH Baking by Debby Maugans Nakos. I couldnt' refuse a ten dollar tiny mixmaster for my small-batch baking ventures. I vowed to cut my carbs in half this year, and this little gizmo would only help with the resolution.

The yarn. Well, it is Lornas' Laces wool/silk blend. Color: Mineshaft. Let's juts say that I have never spent so much money for a yarn. I justified it at the time. The yarn would make an heirloom quality throw for our own family. 4 of us would use it . Divide 180.00 by four. Now it is a forty some dollar gift for each one of us in the house. Never mind the joy that overcomes me everytime I touch this stuff.

So you do the math. The ten dollar mixmaster is holding a skein of the Mineshaft.

Here's the result: I made 5 chocolate chip cookies today and I am knitting the heirloom throw this afternoon. Am I still frugal or just kidding myself!?


Pat K said...

There isn't a knitter in the world who wouldn't understand that kind of frugality.

Emily said...

That is entirely TOO PRECIOUS! The money is much better spent on the yarn, especially if you swoon when you're near it.

How are the chocolate chip cookies? I haven't made those yet - the crispy version of the oatmeal cookies is delicious!

Anonymous said...

Five cookies? Really? I have to get that book.

~Kristie said...

That's brilliant! So since I got my favorite pair of jeans on sale yesterday for $17, instead of the regular price of $50, I get to spend the difference on yarn?

Knitters math is good!

I've still got to figure out how to make a batch of cookies (even a half batch) without eating them all.

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

Good deal on the mixer!!! I am of the "if you have it you will use it" camp....I have a different brand but mine stays out on the art is the way I look at it!!

I went on Emily's recommendations on the small batch baking book too!!! Just received a couple of days the process of gathering my "little" baking tools and I can't wait to get started.

Justification for buying yarn? I like the Nike commercial...

Just DO IT!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Beverly said...

There's nothing wrong with splurging every now and then. The MixMaster sounds a lot like a Hamilton Beach set up my mom bought a long time back. It did everything but we never ground sausage, the food processor wasn't that great and we weren't really into making bread and didn't juice.

The only parts we used were the blender and the mixer and it was a counter hog.

My math will always err on the side of knitting.

Bea said...

I think it was a great find. Now you can find out if you really will use it!

Can't wait to see your knitting!

Karen said...

Oh yes, you are still frugal. You can justify the yarn purchase, and you saved a bundle on the mixer. Go you!

Nat Red Knits said...

Sneaky sneaky!! I like it! Congrats to Bev!!

Ling said...

You make me laugh! I really must utilise the same knitting maths calculation.

mary said...

I love the mixmaster! It's a gem. Yarn purchase rationalization at its best. Works for me. We need to set up a site so we can store them all in one place. Whenever we need to rationalize a purchae, we know where to go to get original ideas!

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