Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The sock knitting goes on

I was up in the wee hours the other night
Rummaging round the knit bag sans light
I came upon two cuffs, knitted up fine,
STR no less, they were just divine.

My knit heart began racing,
Maybe Cara WOULD see,
a pair of warm socks sitting under tree.

I took out some chocolate sent to us all
and I started to taste some, the round and the small.
The wrappers would indicate progress you know,
I finally have some sock success to show.

The last sock is my knitting for most of today
Al took the chocolates,she put them away,
I hope I can manage on soynuts alone,
please finish the last sentence, take this one home..........


Knitting Linguist said...

I love the poem! And I hope that the soynuts provided enough sustenance. Somehow it's just not the same as chocolate, though. The socks look great -- send some of the mojo this way :)

Marcia said...

"For my overindulgence I must now atone." Love the socks, and they go so nicely with the chocolates!

Nell said...

Mmmmmm..... Chocolate!

Pat K said...

Spoilsport Al! ;-)

Beverly said...

Soynuts. Bah! Humbug!

Karen said...

Doesn't Al know...everything is better with chocolate. Why is your sock inside out? Love Al's hats in the previous post...they are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is actually a vegetable, really. Now add the dairy products it takes to make it and if there are fruit or nuts, stop and think, it has almost all of the food groups in it ! So, of course they are good for you and healthy too ! Oreo's have all the food groups too. See, haven't I made you feel so much better? Ever think Al took them away for personal use perhaps?

Bernadette said...

Ah, the deadly Christmas chocolates! There have been boxes of these decadent goodies floating around my home and office as well... But, they can be great incentive if used properly, as you were doing! One treat for every (fill in # - 1, 5, 10, etc.) rows(or rounds, stitches, pattern repeats) knit, etc... Just make sure the incentives don't run out before you are finished, LOL!

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