Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The sock gift that wasn't

Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the house
one knitter was knitting as quiet as a mouse.
The stockings were not hung by the chimney with care,
we know they'd all stretch if they hung in the air.
Me in my fingerless she in her cap,
I'd just gotten up from another good nap,
Well, I cant make it all rhyme at least not today.
Suffice to believe the sock shown went away.
The colors were ugly, they just didn't go,
this Chirstmas gift sock was a no no no, no.
With the holiday clock ticking loudy away,
Al took back the stitches without disarray.
I'm knitting a new scheme,
you'll be happy to know,
I'll be posting it soon,
and it's worthy to show!


Pat K said...

Do I sense another Christmas classic here? Will the Grinch and Frosty have to move aside to make room for a new TV special? Will "A Christmas Sock" make the list with "A Christmas Story"? Will next year see Leg Lamps in front windows wearing a lacey handknit sock? Over the knee, of course, we don't want to shock the neighbors. And to think I read it first! ;-) Thanks for the laugh this morning, it made my day!

Bernadette said...

Yes, I think it's destined to be a Christmas classic ~ "The KNIT Before Christmas", LOL! Great job!!!

Karen said...

That's the best holiday poem ever!! Sorry about the sock though.

Lynn said...

I too liked the poem,
It's uniquely your own.
That sock had a look,
To which no one took.

The new one will show,
All that you know,
We are waiting to see it,
From top to toe.

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