Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Its a wreath, its a collar, its a

Magic Circle Vest in progress. Modeled by Huck. I hope I can finish this by next week. Also on the needles, Christmas gift socks.

Merry is a new reader without a blog. She's going to use markers for the first time. She'd like us to teach her all about them.

I'll start:

Merry, Stitch markers simply tell you that something happens here when you are knitting. They remind you to do something.

Al needs the computer now.


Karen said...

That is a good color for Huck! Very stylish.
As Kathy said a stitch marker marks the beginning or ending of a pattern repeat (cable,lace,etc.). Sometimes the are plain circles you can get at a craft store, or if you're really lucky, they are jeweled or charmed beauties made for you by a dear daughter.

Anonymous said...

Merry, stitch markers are much like handbags--tremendously useful and a great way to spend lots of your income on stylish pieces. Think Etsy...think stitch markers of all shapes, sizes, colors, and themes...think collecting...

Oh, whoops, and knitting too.
Cute dog.

Merry said...

You are very kind to take the trouble to help me... so how do I slip the marker? Perhaps it will become clear when I am actually doing it? I can't get your picture today. I have just got back into knitting after a number of years off. My late mother was a great knitter. Could do with her now! How far behind me in time are you? Merry

Karen said...

Merry, when you come to the marker you just take the right needle and transfer the marker to it from the left needle.

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