Saturday, December 22, 2007

THe curse of the verse?

Was it the curse of the verse for this gift?
It seemed that the sock gift would never be knit,
It seemed it was doomed from the very first cast-on
perhaps the sock gift would never be passed on.

Then when it seemed that it couldn't get worse,
something just happened, and reversed the curse.
It wasn't a Cub fan bringing a goat,
it wasn't a knitting doll with pins in its throat,

I'm not sure what happened that brought round good luck
could it have been the magic of good old dog Huck?
Perhaps he just willed it, he knew I was blue,
I think that he blinked, not just one time but two

Whatever did it, the socks are now knit,
they are darling and warm and a truly nice gift
I thank you dear readers for all your support,
Perhaps now the blog posts will have to resort,

to my usual blah blah blah knitting reports!


Nell said...

Cute socks! What color/yarn are they?

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Very cute Cara socks!

Bernadette said...

Lovely socks! Great colorway!! Congrats on a job well done and finished on time!

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