Friday, December 14, 2007

bah humbug

I knit in some fairisle, just under the cuff,
the sock needed something, and I had the stuff.
I really had fun with my two-handed dance,
Mixing the yarns so, and taking a chance.
How could I forget that the sock that I knit,
Would be so darn tight that it just wouldn't fit!
I was nearing the toe part when the thought crossed my mind,
why I'd try on the sock, our feet are the same kind.
I knew in a twinkiling I felt my heart drop
the sock was so tight, it was just a big flop.
I quietly frooged the second try stocking,
I am such a foolish one, my thoughts were all blocking.
Can I bear to cast-on again, 10 nights from the eve,
a hat would be easy, nothing with sleeves,
The holiday gift knit, may not come to be,
my knit heart is shrinking, for you all to see.
Oh the stupid mistakes I make take out my steam
I'm going to sleep on it, maybe to dream.
With some chunky warm yarn, I could whip up a drumpet
I could knit it right up to the top of Mount Crumpet.......


PurlingPirate said...

Wonderful story! Sad subject. So sorry to hear about the sock, but thanks for sharing it in such a fun way!

Marcia said...

Such talent! Sorry about the sock, but you do knit a nice poem!

Kathy said...

LOL!! Love it....! Thanks so much (so sorry about the sock, however)

Ling said...

Sorry about the sock. Great rhymes!!

Karen said...

Ooooohhhh Nooooooo!!!

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