Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Sister Vest is at the finishers for the zipper!

Aren't you glad I can quit complaining about it? I felt like I should have been filmed running it through the door of my LYS in slow motion to Chariots of Fire music. Enough of all those folks who run marathons, already. Have they ever knit a sole garment, in yarn that made their fingers cringe, wihtout interrupting it with any other KNITTING? I wouldn't let myself begin anything else, until NOW. Bring on the gatorade, the flower leis, take my number off and post it in a newpaper, let me eat pasta and have a good massage. I did a KNITTING marathon and I survived it. Have you ever done the knit marathon? IM here to congratulate you, medals and all!


Beverly said...

Yes and now I try to prevent them at all costs. Congrats on the finish. Hope your next project is a fun one.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Yep... and am almost done with the cardigan! Can't see black anymore LOL! One day knitting to go still.

Jennifer said...

Yeah! One question. What is a finisher and where do I find one?

Bernadette said...

YAY!!! You did it! Congratulations!

I have heard of shops that will do finishing for you - yes, it is expensive! Well worth it, though, for something you worked so hard on, especially for a gift.

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