Thursday, November 08, 2007

Have you had a good mistake lately?

Well, continuing with my mistake theme, I have to show you a cool misttake I made. When I took a class to learn to felt, I made this little purse. Yes, it was supposed to be this little. That's not the mistake. Don't worry this isn't a HIghlight magazine, I won't make you search for it. I didn't watch the laundry powder I put in the toploader and oops, I used a powder with bleach.

I carelessly sprinkled the powder in, not bothering to mix it in the water first and then add the wool purselet. Voila! I got this very neat tiedyed effet. I made the purselet a few years ago before I ever heard the word blog. I haven't know what I would do with it and now I have the perfect place to put my DYNEX card reader in.

If you like the look g'ahead. Try my mistake felting technique. Have you had a good mistake lately?


~Kristie said...

That's a GREAT mistake! I don't know if I have any of those. My mistakes are usually just that .. total mistakes.

Jennifer said...

I never would have ever guessed that was the mistake. It looks great and I imagine will be well-loved. Happy felting.

Bernadette said...

What a cute purse, and I love the button! That's the kind of "mistake" I like - one that looks like you meant to do it all along!!! :) Have a great weekend! Hope your foot is all better, too!

Ling said...

I wouldn't have known that there was a mistake at all. The purse looks lovely. My mistakes usually mean loads of ripping and an awful looking product!

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