Sunday, November 04, 2007

Apparently I cannot count

or at least, I cannot count and knit at the same time. When dividing for the sleeves of the sister vest for the second time (I never told you she has 4 arms) I decided it may be best for me to count out the stitches and mark where the changes will be, before actually knitting them.

So I read the pattern, knit 11, purl 56, etc, and put a marker after the 11th and 56th stitches. Then I double checked my counting and knit away. This technique worked wonders for my end of the row anxiety. I normally hold my breath as I close in on the final stitches, praying won't run out of stitches early OR have too many left. So, this basic little trick helped me.

What did I do with my extra hour? Corrected my mistakes, of course. Although this felt futile, I reminded myself, it was an hour I would not have had otherwise........what did you do with your extra hour?


Anne said...

Made actual planned-out dinner, instead of running downstairs at 5 p.m. thinking "yikes, what do we have in the house??" Not a bad use of an hour .... I'd love to get one more often!

Nell said...

With my extra hour, I always nap. I'm sleepy like that all the time.

I love the sweater, BTW.

PurlingPirate said...

I'd like to say I did something constructive with my hour. But I didn't. I slept in. And it was divine!

Bernadette said...

Hey, Purlingpirate, sleeping is most definitely constructive!! ;) I used my hour to knit, working on a second pair of fingerless mitts in a design that I came up with the other day. I am on a roll making mitts (I am in the Fall Fingerless Mitts KAL), and I figure I'll have lots of Christmas presents for family and friends!

Jennifer said...

It's all the education system's fault. If only they had made real-life math problems when we were young. Instead of the traditional train leaving Chicago... they should have had us all figure out knitting patterns! So much more useful.

~Kristie said...

I think most of us have counting issues, so you're in good company.

I forgot about the extra hour, so when I discovered it, I was wishing I could've slept another hour.

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